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Experts: For cold war with the West there are bases

the Recognition Russia no South Ossetia and Abkhazia has immediately caused the sharp criticism from outside the Big seven . The USA have let know that will block any documents on independence of the specified republics in United Nations Security Council. In the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the meantime have found the original decision, having suggested EU to refuse the Russian oil and gas. However, as some experts consider, for cold war between the Russian Federation and the West there are no bases, and its imitation is connected with pre-election race in the USA.
the greatest threat is a present administration of Washington which provokes us: the enraged neoconservatives, - the political scientist and the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Markov on air - TV in the program " has declared; Dialogue . - It is necessary to understand that the present administration of the White house - it has completely passed in election campaign frameworks. Its main purpose - John McCain`s election as the president. And George Bush, under my data, was against the war beginning in South Ossetia, but has been compelled to obey to party discipline .
Thus, proceeding from S.Markova`s data, the Republican Party top is interested in cold war between the West and Russia only. if Barack Obama becomes the president, he makes investigation about the war beginning in Iraq, and Dick Cheney, and the others 10 - 15 persons will go to prison, - the political scientist proves the version. - today Dick Cheney the billionaire and the vice-president, and will be imprisoned tomorrow! They will make everything to stop Obama. Also will offer Georgians any there, Ossetins .
Nevertheless the enraged neogames as it is found out, have serious influence on minds of our European partners. Anyway, the director of programs of Russia and the CIS countries German Council about foreign policy Alexander Rar notices that pressure upon the Russian Federation from Europe if will be, that, more likely, moral, rather than economic.
the West can refuse from Nord Stream and South Stream, can try to freeze any accounts of the Russian funds, in trade relations there can be problems. Will try to close visas to the Russian businessmen, - assumes A.Rar. - Russia will answer, naturally, with counter-measures. But the main pressure will be in moral sphere, instead of in economic. Russia has left from dependence on the western banks, IMF, and levers of pressure which in 90 - ye always operated concerning Russia, today at the West is not present .
Except the postponed fear of russophobia S.Markov at all does not see contradictions with the West: There is no difference in ideology, we do not apply for world hegemony, on power capture in France Russian communities and etc. . Nevertheless the scenario hot war the expert does not exclude: At us very serious threat - to roll down in hot war . The situation can go very quickly. Remember World War I? Anybody did not want it! But here concrete events - from - for any Serbia, any Balkans " were linked;.
for anybody not a secret that Russia, except for Belarus and Kazakhstan, is surrounded by a ring hostile rusofobskih modes. EU is afraid that Russia can go by the way of militarization, and will want to solve the problems and in other places, - assumes towards the end of the program Dialogue on air - TV S.Markov. - they there have come running at once: Latvia and Estonia - look, at Russian too to us the claim that we treat badly the Russian-speaking... Yushchenko has come running and etc. .
By the way, Ukraine as experts consider, actually was the participant of the conflict in South Ossetia. and in connection with all it to Ukraine it will be fast big kirdyk - the chief of department of the market analysis " predicts; Sobinbank Alexander Razuvaev. - there a capital conclusion very scale. Accordingly, soon, at will of our Turkmen partners, they will receive 500 dollars for one thousand cubes. In Ukraine there will be very strong crisis .
the Most negative development of a situation is connected with rigid behaviour of president Victor Yushchenko, failure of Ukraine in civil war, - S.Markov, - and the introduction into the Ukrainian civil war, on the one hand, adds Russia, on the other hand, the NATO. This scenario can be realised in the event that V.Jushchenko will begin reprisals against political opponents. Rupture between a management and the majority, naturally, only destabilises a situation .