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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain: Moscow can appear in isolation

the NATO does not consider a question about to full-scale war with Russia, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain David Milibend has declared today. He has noticed that the NATO is not offensive an alliance, also has added that in this situation would be more correct to speak about the international crisis, rather than about full-scale war.
meanwhile the head of the British foreign policy department has noticed in interview of Bi - bi - si that from - for last actions of Moscow Russia can appear in the international isolation and lose respect and trust of the international community.
D.Milibend also has declared that any West plot on an environment of Russia never existed, and the developed state of affairs - result of a series of the decisions not connected among themselves accepted by the sovereign states. The last have absolutely independently headed for rapprochement with the West, and had the right to this decision, the minister considers.
thereupon D.Milibend has especially allocated Ukraine which he has the day before visited. As he said, it is not obligatory to Ukraine to choose - whether to be the enemy of Russia or to be the Russian vassal. Kiev can be the partner as Russia, and the West, the British minister has noted.
we will remind that EU is ready to discuss possible sanctions against the Russian Federation at the summit on September, 1st in Bruxelles. Sharp deterioration of relations of Russia and EU has occurred after a recognition of the Russian Federation of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Before, despite critical statements to the Russian Federation, Europe nevertheless adhered concerning a loyal position. It even has let an occasion to some western mass-media speak about powerlessness of the European Union which simply does not have levers of influence on the Russian Federation. However after a recognition Russia independence of Abkhazia and Ossetia from lips of the European politicians have begun to sound much more rigid statements.
For example, head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France B.Kushner has declared that the recognition Moscow independence of both republics is the roughest infringement of international law. Thus he has assured that Russia intends after events in Georgia to attack Ukraine and Moldova. However, the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov named these ideas, no less than ideas about sanctions, a fruit of sick imagination .