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D.Medvedev supports creation of Muslim TV channel

the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev considers necessary to work a question on TV channel creation on which teaching and an explanation of bases of Islamic religion would be conducted.
at a meeting concerning support of the Muslim religious organisations of the North Caucasus the head of the state has noticed that in regions where there live the Russian Moslems, such channel would be claimed the radio station " transfers; Echo Moscow .
At transition to a digital announcement this idea could be realised, the Russian leader has explained. However teaching and a high-grade explanation of Islam should be prepared good imams, experts - theologians.
the president also has urged to clean from use expression the Islamic extremist . I support that the president of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has told. We should not name extremists Islamic extremists - D.Medvedev has specified.
the correct name of the gangster - simply gangster, at it is not present the religious maintenance even if at it where - that in a head turns that it the devout Moslem. So also it is necessary to name them both on the TV, and in mass media - the Russian leader has noted.
also D.Medvedev considers necessary to develop the program on work with youth in the North Caucasus. According to the president, such program should include and obrazovatelno - educational, and educational elements, measures on maintenance of employment and the organisation of normal, modern and at the same time moral leisure for young men .
the President also named spiritually - moral development of youth by the major care of the federal authority. The North Caucasus - absolutely unique from the point of view of cultural and national variety a part of Russia - D.Medvedev has continued, having reminded that in republics of the North Caucasus lives 157 nationalities from 182 according to the All-Russia population census 2002. The share of the population which traditionally identifies itself with Islam, in national republics of the North Caucasus makes more than two thirds.
in this connection, according to the president, the role muftijatov which influence public mood in region is very important, promote formation at young generation of outlook.