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The president of Moldova can become eks - the chairman of parliament

Ruling coalition the Alliance for the European integration has offered on a post of the president of Moldova a nominee eks - the chairman of parliament, the leader of Democratic party of Moldova to Mariana the Magnifier.
on a post of the prime minister the alliance has put forward the leader Liberally - Vlad Filata`s democratic party. It is expected that the leader of an alliance Our Moldova the former mayor of Kishinev Serafim Urekjan will hold a post of the vice-president of parliament.
leaders the Alliance for the European integration have expressed confidence that they will manage to elect the new president.
after association at the parties entering in the Alliance for the European integration in 101 - local parliament of Moldova there are in total 53 mandates. It allows a coalition to select the chairman of parliament, its directing bodies, and also to generate the government for what 52 voices are necessary.
At the same time it will not be possible to elect to it independently without support of voices of communists the president who proposes a nominee of the prime minister, 61 voice is for this purpose necessary.