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The Moldavian communists will protest in court election of the speaker

Party of communists of Moldova in the nearest future will appeal against in the Constitutional court of republic against election at today`s first session of parliament of the chairman of the highest legislative body of the country, the deputy from Party of communists of Republic Moldova Vladimir Tsurkan has informed.
In its opinion, the events which have occurred today in parliament after the chairman in parliament the oldest deputy from PKRM Ivan Kalin declared a break of session till September, 4th 2009., are illegal. that representatives of other parliamentary parties today have made, - a step to situation destabilization in the country - has declared V.Tsurkan.
we Will remind that today four fractions of parliament of Moldova of new convocation officially declared creation in parliament of the ruling majority in number of 53 deputies. The parliamentary majority was formed by fractions Liberally - democratic party of Moldova (LDPM), Liberal party, Democratic party of Moldova and an alliance Our Moldova .
These parties have created on August, 8th 2009. A ruling democratic coalition the Alliance for the European integration . Leader LDPM Vlad Filat has declared that the ruling majority assumes overall responsibility for board in the country.
the party of communists of Moldova has in parliament of 48 deputies. Its deputies have left a session hall after the deputy presiding over session from Party of communists Ivan Kalin declared a break till September, 4th 2009. For end of process of formation of all parliamentary fractions. The request to declare a break the Party of communists has stated.
however deputies of already generated four parliamentary fractions named the break announcement illegal. They have declared that have necessary quorum for continuation of session of parliament and have continued it under the direction of other oldest deputy - Iona Hadyrke. Deputies of parliament from a coalition have continued work and during ballot procedure have selected the chairman of the highest legislative body of the country Mihaja Gimpu voices of 53 deputies of an alliance.
all in parliament of Moldova 101 deputy works. A ruling democratic coalition the Alliance for the European integration has in total 53 mandates. It allows a coalition to select the chairman of parliament, its directing bodies, and also to generate the government for what 52 voices are necessary. At the same time it will not be possible to elect to it independently without support of voices of communists the president who proposes a nominee of the prime minister: 61 voice is for this purpose necessary.
leaders of the parties entering in the Alliance for the European integration Have suggested to begin before Party of communists dialogue concerning formation of authorities, elections of the new president. However communists have refused negotiations, having declared that intend to create in new parliament a left-centrist anti-recessionary coalition and will enter dialogue not with an alliance, and with the job lots entering into it.