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On reception through the Internet

this year Smolnyj is going to introduce system of electronic registry in all disctricts of the city. If it occurs, in 2013 townspeople can register in an appointment, without leaving the house, for this purpose there will be enough a computer connected to the Internet, or the smart phone or planshetnika. Officials of committee on information and communication of Petersburg have begun introduction of system in 2010 and have faced variety of problems - in some already captured polyclinics the electronic registry upon did not work, and employees of medical institutions sometimes sabotaged innovations. In Smolnom promise to solve these problems during the current year.
we have begun work on system in 2010 - make comments in committee on information and communication, - but directly introduction started only in the end of 2010. Before there was a long development cycle of electronic registry. We have refused use of ready products as the majority of decisions demand much of the computer and communication equipment. In case of absence of the computer on a workplace of the doctor these decisions can not function or work in the simplified mode. The system created in our city, allows to reach the aims laid down for medical institutions, without making the demands on equipment of all without an exception of workplaces of doctors computers .

According to officials for 2011 the system possible to capture four disctricts of the city - Admiralty, Vasileostrovsky, Kirov and Resort. In total for today 87 medical institutions, and also four regional public health departments and four centres of making an appointment with the doctor are connected. Till the end of 2012 officials promise to introduce system of electronic registry in all disctricts of the city. As they said, for a year it was possible obkatat System on test areas, and now introduction process will go faster.

as a matter of fact, all attempts to automate process of record of patients on reception had until recently chaotic character. Any polyclinics could adjust effective process of record through own sites, were connected to the regional centres, have established infokioski in the hall. And some categorically resisted to any innovations. It is a lot of and those who has begun, but has thrown process halfway. As a result, for example, in city polyclinics it is established 47 infoterminalov the most different type and with different requirements to a format of information system. In 2012 the centralised purchase 138 new unified infokioskov is planned, but the experts working over introduction of electronic registry, promise that will adjust work of already established terminals with system, and money for them will not appear thrown out.

the Basic problem as at any introduction of new information system, it has appeared in people. Workers of registry in some polyclinics simply ignore coupons on an appointment, written out through the Internet or by phone, giving out on a place duplicating nomerki. And some head physicians indulge a partial employment of experts that with them remained free windows for reception of patients on a self-supporting basis. Of committee on public health services assure that will solve these problems administrative measures and conducting constant monitoring of work of system in each medical institution.

By orders of Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation it is defined that the making an appointment with the doctor organisation is one of services which is automated with use of the federal systems placed in the central federal information resource to which all state medical institutions will be connected, - make comments in committee on public health services. - thus, heads of official bodies of public health services, in process of readiness in 2012 will get into gear with uniform system which will demand from them without fail granting of all information on the reception schedule medical workers and all coupons which are used for rendering of medical aid to the population .

Of committee on public health services assure that the system already at this stage of introduction gives appreciable effect. In those polyclinics and medical institutions where the system has begun is high-grade to function, loading on administrative personnel has considerably decreased. Instead of stress from work with patients in turns and senseless paper work workers of registry had an opportunity to be engaged in high-grade support of medical staff, leaving doctors to be engaged in reception of patients, instead of to fill forms.

thus in committee on public health services recognise that throughput of system is far from an ideal and she yet has not solved a problem of deficiency of the personnel. Officials hope that with automation of work and transfer of turns in the telephone centres and the Internet appeal of vacancies of administrative personnel will raise and on these places young experts will go. Deficiency of the personnel in this segment reaches 300 %, and in committee do the big rate on introduction of new technologies.

Is high-grade to take pleasure in such gifts of a civilisation as making an appointment with the doctor through the telephone centres or a network the Internet, to all townsmen will be possible only in the following to 2013. Experience of areas where the system has already started to function, has shown that, despite failures and roughnesses, the electronic registry is quite efficient and considerably simplifies life of townspeople. The question now in that officials have fulfilled the promises, and this positive experience has extended to all Petersburg. In Smolnom underline that to patients, that is all townspeople, it is not necessary to leave all on a payoff to officials and it is necessary to react to all failures in work of introduced system more actively. As also representatives of committee on public health services ask to inform more actively on all problems on the site and by phone of a hot line.