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SMS for millions

Commercial SMS - mailing became for a long time already the marketing tool which do not disdain to use even large players of the market. At first sight, similar distribution of the information reminds ordinary spam. However the companies, rendering services on mass SMS - mailing so do not consider.
at reception of services or at goods purchase sometimes it is required to sign those or other papers, and the point is registered in these documents, for example, agree to receive news from the company on SMS . Together with the signature of the buyer the seller receives also the right to be engaged address SMS - mailing on mobile phones of the clients. At times short the message are dispatched by years, and otpisatsja from them it is problematic enough.

to organise mass SMS - marketing, in the market there are various software products. One of the largest players in this segment acts as Joint-Stock Company AtomPark Softvare Based in 2001 as software developer for electronic commerce and marketing. According to the general director AtomPark Softvare Konstantin Makarova, now the company occupies more than 50 % of the software market for electronic marketing to Russia and the CIS.

ours business - model in any sort innovative. Geographically company divisions are not connected: developers are in Ukraine, in Chernigov, sales departments are dispersed on the largest cities of Russia and Ukraine, the company administration settles down in Petersburg. Now in company staff work more than 40 professional experts from the different countries in the field of working out of the software, development, sales and marketing - mister Makarov tells. It did not begin to open financial indicators, having informed only that in 2012 AtomPark Softvare is going to increase the turn by 40 %.

company Production exists in the market under a brand ePochta is a software package for mass mailings and carrying out of the various works connected with mailings. Among clients ePochta - retail networks, the logistical companies, private business, banks. On a question in what difference of service from possibilities of usual e-mail, mister Makarov notices that everyone who tried to work with usual post services, knows that at attempt to send more than 20 letters begin problems - letters get to spam, and the box in general can be blocked. On its assurances, with ePochta Mailer the such does not happen. Also tools enter into a software package for search and gathering email - addresses from various sources, processing of bases of addresses, management of lists of mailings, the analysis of mailings.

however the most demanded service AtomPark Softvare the program on mailing SMS - notices is. Moreover, the company as the cellular operator, sells services SMS - messages as to private persons, and corporate clients. For example, at the operator diskauntera Tele2 the bottom price SMS - 40 copecks (there is an option on which the message will cost 2 copecks, but with a limit 200 SMS in day). If to use ePochta from 15 to 30 thousand SMS a month 30 copecks for one message will cost. Here no secret is present, - mister Makarov explains. - Retail always cost more expensive, than wholesale. We buy great volumes and consequently we can reduce the price. Operators do not have necessity to do it. They presume to offer the price above as users will dispatch all the same SMS at this cost, considering that the ten messages at the given price - is not too expensive. However if they need to send hundreds or thousand SMS - here another matter. It is necessary to search for variants more cheaply and more conveniently. We help with it already .

Certainly, service of mailings first of all reminds the tool for spam. The first thought - for what as not for spam can be necessary mass mailing SMS and letters? However in ePochta with it do not agree. SMS - mailings are used, for example, by the sites which business is connected with sending SMS; services of the various companies for work with client bases (the notification of holders of discount cards about new products of the company and actions); the companies which dispatch to the clients in SMS codes and passwords and etc.

it is clear that possibilities of products can be used and for spam. However of the company openly convince clients not to be engaged in similar practice, recommending to use civilised methods works. That is to send mailing on the entrusted addresses which owners have given the consent to its reception as, for example, spam - mailing with bolshej probability can be blocked post servers of addressees. We extremely seriously concern this question. On all our sites there is an information on it, we openly declare what to dispatch spam through us it will not turn out. It is waste of time and money. And the effect from such mailing will not be. Any sane person should realise irrationality of such approach to business. In service SMS, for example, are used powerful spam - filters which not popustjat spam sending, will block the user. We warn in advance our clients about it - mister Makarov speaks.