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Korus Consulting has introduced distribution

the System integrator Korus Consulting has finished the project on decision introduction Korus | Distribution on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 in group of companies SuperWave Group which is engaged in distribution of office technics Xerox, Brother, Powercom. SuperWave Group endures rapid development: during the last years turns of a group of companies have grown more than twice. From - for integration of business and complication business - processes there was obvious a severe need in a uniform information platform. For support of strategic plans for development of the company the decision on system introduction " was accepted; Korus | Distribution on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The Group of companies already had positive experience with registration systems Microsoft. the Project became the present call for our command: To start the basic contour tovarodvizhenija it was necessary all for four months, including testing and input in commercial operation as in September begins a season - growth of sales in the market of the client, - is marked by Dmitry Vashchilov, the manager of the project Korus Consulting . - Thus the project had a number of features which have allowed to show flexibility and universality of our decision Korus | Distribution . It was necessary to unite within the limits of one system set different biznesov. Activity SuperWave Group, besides distribution of office technics, it includes assemblage and distribution of modules of memory is perfect other processes and specificity: import deliveries of accessories and manufacture. The success of introduction was promoted by a competent design command, with a wide experience of automation and understanding of trading processes. At each of design employees Korus Consulting Behind the back of not less than ten successfully realised introductions . According to mister Vashchilova, for documentary registration of various kinds of activity in system it has been created more than 80 kinds of printing forms, possibility of the package press of necessary documents has been realised. Under each contract and shipment in system the package of the necessary documentation which can be unpacked in some " is automatically formed; klikov is reduces expenditures of labour of employees of department on work with clients and minimises quantity of errors.

Ingrija has started the new project
Business - an incubator Ingrija declares start of the new project - VC Day for technical innovative projects and investors. The first VC Day will take place on April, 6th on an incubator platform where 20 representatives of the selected projects and more than 20 investors will gather. VC Day - one of the actions directed on increase of a share of contract designs among residents business - an incubator Ingrija . It is a platform for meetings and negotiation between investors and the prepared contract designs. contract designs possess a high export potential, besides the special attention to them is given from foreign investors, - Dmitry Stepkin, the director tells business - an incubator Ingrija . - Difference VC Day from other investment platforms is a complex preparation of the projects which are not representing sphere IT, for presentations before investors through an educational program . From investors the participation in VC Day have confirmed already more than 15 funds, among them - Buran VC, Allianz ROSNO Asset Management, qwCapital, With - Groups the Capital Management Fund of sowing investments RVK, VTB the Capital Management of actives Synergy Innovations, Intel Capital, Waarda Capital, Sputnik Capital. For participation in VC Day projects which represent spheres of biotechnologies, power and power savings, chemistry and petrochemistry, medical devices, mechanical engineering, instrument making and electronics are invited. Besides, they should possess investment appeal and have production commodity market. Within the limits of an educational program trainings on themes of grocery strategy, the valuable offer and business - models, protection of intellectual property, attraction of investments and creation and carrying out of effective presentation business - the project will take place. Also students of faculty will take part in an educational program innovatiki SPbGPU, VSHM St.Petersburg State University, Inzhekona and the European university which will develop presentations together with projects.

Underground Distinguishes a voice
For the first time in the Petersburg underground systems with application of innovative technologies of synthesis and recognition of speech which are not present more in one underground of Russia are created. Systems are aimed at improvement of quality of dispatching management and reduction of variety of routine operations at the expense of their automation. Introduction of variety of systems was carried out by the company - the developer the Center of speech technologies (TSRT) in common with experts of Service of the alarm system, centralisation and underground blocking. System the Forget-me-not II keeps simultaneous and continuous record of 260 communication channels of dispatchers, thus channel type it is absolutely not important. The system possesses the centralised archive of the soundtracks, allowing to collect records in uniform storehouse. Presence of soundtracks allows to conduct analysis of incidents, leaning against the written down actual commands of the dispatcher, instead of on memoirs of witnesses. Eskalatornuju communication at stations of one of underground lines is provided with independent audioservers Smallogger II. Construction of territorially distributed complex of record in the conditions of the limited space for placing of recorders became possible thanks to the compact sizes Smallogger II. Despite the small sizes the device is very functional: has the built in system of differentiation of the rights, conducts magazine of the work and actions of users, defines a condition of a line and the telephone numbers transferred by a pulse set and under standards DTMF, defines number of the causing subscriber, allows to supervise channel work in a mode of through listening. Specially the notification system has been developed for underground in TSRT the Megaphone 2 for emergency informing of employees on various channels. The system is unique for the several reasons. a megaphone 2 Spends the automatic vocal notification at a time to 30 subscribers by means of technology of synthesis of speech VitalVoice - technologies which allows to read the Russian text with the maximum approach to real speech. Two are given underground on a choice man`s and three female synthesised voices.

TKT the Petersburg operator TKT will look after apartment
has started in sale intellectual system of monitoring of dwelling Your clever house . It is a set of sensor controls which trace a condition in apartment or at home. In case of penetration of strangers into a premise, smoke blanketing, leak of gas or other situations on mobile the user will arrive SMS with the corresponding message. similar decisions widespread in Europe and the USA, however practically are not present in the Russian market - Ruslan Yevseyev, the general director of Open Society " tells; TKT . As he said, the decision is unique not only for Petersburg, but also for in Russia as a whole as it is the first ready box service of the given type given by a communications service provider. Mister Yevseyev tells that company TKT searched for ways of an additional monetization of an available infrastructure. Having addressed to experience of foreign colleagues - the American operator AT &T and Finnish Elisa, in the company have seen that their additional source of the income - service of monitoring of premises. we have conducted research of the Petersburg market and have come to a conclusion that the requirement for service is, however ready box decisions plug and play, calculated on mass the consumer, in the Petersburg and Russian markets is not presented - Ruslan Yevseyev explains. The product is focused on owners and tenants of the arranged well apartments, sensor controls will allow to receive operatively the information on the arisen emergency - a water leaking, gas leak, ignition or unapproved penetration. Sensor controls do not exceed 12 sm in diameter and are connected in the wireless way. The battery works two - three years. For system work connection to the Internet is necessary, the minimum speed is very small - 64 Kbit/ second Important that any operator, and not just TKT can be the provider thus. In TKT consider that service will be claimed. According to the company, protected apartments in a city of only 14 %, that is potentially the market is great. The reasons on which people do not use security systems, - dearness, complexity, inconvenience, an abundance of formalities.