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Motorola has phoned to the Water canal

Petersburg became the first city of Europe where the newest is started digital trankingovaja a radio network from Motorola - MOTOTRBO Connect Plus. The decision successfully applied in the USA and Australia, before still was never started in commercial operation in region EMEA (Europe, the Near East and Africa). Now new trankingovaja the system will be used by experts of State Unitary Enterprise the Water canal of St.-Petersburg .
In March of this year the presentation of a new digital network of radio communication MOTOTRBO Connect Plus constructed on objects of State Unitary Enterprise " has taken place; the Water canal of St.-Petersburg . Six base stations (sites) in capacity 38 frequency (70 colloquial) channels and 1720 terminals have been entered. The network carries out a covering of Petersburg and its suburbs. It is expected that by the end of 2012 the quantity of radio stations in system will make 2300 units. The digital radio network possesses a number of advantages in comparison with analogue variants - higher performance level, safety, fast access to a voice transfer and the data, non-volatility. The system works on the basis of standard DMR (Digital Mobile Radio).

In standard DMR time consolidation which allows to transfer a voice in two streams is presented. It is economy of a frequency resource, active and repiternogo the equipment. This plus especially important in the Russian conditions where there is a deficiency of frequencies and it is difficult to receive them - Andrey Nagornyh, the manager on technical support Motorola Solutions speaks.

the Network is constructed by affiliated company the Water canal of St.-Petersburg - Open Society Sankt - the Petersburg radio communication company (SPb RKK). We will remind that in 1992 RKK became the first operator trankingovoj to communication in Russia. Then analogue technology Smart Zone, also from Motorola was used.

it is curious that the Water canal of St.-Petersburg has made the decision on modernisation of the radio network after known blekauta in the summer of 2010. The problems which have arisen then with communication, have shown that the existing radio network does not meet requirements of strategic city objects for emergencies. At electricity switching-off cellular networks cease to work, as well as some trankingovye networks. The authorities have offered to the Water canal to create new non-volatile digital trankingovuju a network.

building has ended in October, now the project has been presented officially, I can tell that its results magnificent - the general director of SPb RKK Evgenie Prjadkin speaks. As he said, all base stations are located in the premises connected on the first category. The system of batteries provides 12 - 14 business hours at electricity switching-off, plus exists additional system of connection low-power portable a diesel engine - generators. The system is decentralised, in it there is no central switchboard, therefore at element failure, the network will continue to function. At work in a network it is possible to carry out various - individual, group, individual as a part of group, emergency - types of calls. this results from the fact that each radio station and a repeater of a digital network have the IP - " address; - Michael Rybachenkov, the general director of the company " explains; the Saga - a Telecom .

At negotiations extraneous sounds, for example, a jackhammer, a wind or the plane as vokoder AMBE+2 substitutes a voice for corresponding samples are not transmitted. Thus, noise are cut. negotiations on a network are safe. The figure is difficult for tracing in itself. Besides, in radio stations is built in 40 - the bit enciphering licensed by FSB - mister Nagornyh speaks. the Given system it is ground on security communications in extreme conditions - emergency situations, acts of terrorism, problems with standard communication facilities - mister Rybachenkov marks.

Besides it, in digital radio stations the modem on which it is possible to transfer the data with speed of 2 Kbit/ second It a little for transfer of a considerable quantity of the data is established, but there is enough to transfer the elementary inquiries, for example, the information received at scanning of the goods in a warehouse.

mister Prjadkin says that the company of SPb RKK counts on reception of new clients which will want to use network possibilities. First of all the rate becomes on the enterprises engineering - a power complex. While SPb RKK, besides the Water canal of St.-Petersburg Provides with a radio communication basically taxi services and CHOP. Investments into the project have made 52 million rbl. Term of return of investments - 2,5 years.

Evgenie Trifonov, the sales manager of radio systems Motorola Solutions in Russia, notices that at Motorola it is a lot of offers in the field of mobile decisions for corporate and departmental customers. In Petersburg the company realised joint projects from State Unitary Enterprise the Petersburg underground and the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Motorola Solutions became the first in Russia vendorom, to the enterprises which have given modern digital radio system engineering - a power complex of a city, to various field services, UMCHS and to other structures participating in maintenance of ability to live of Petersburg. It is a serious step on a way to the organisation of an effective professional mobile radio communication for the Russian enterprises and departments - mister Trifonov has noted.

the Digital network of radio communication MOTOTRBO Connect Plus already operates in the USA and Australia. Before opening in St.-Petersburg it was never started in commercial operation in region EMEA (Europe, the Near East and Africa). Representatives Motorola say that later the network will be developed and in other countries of Europe.