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the Bashkir branch VGTRK “ Bashkortostan “ it has appeared in the scandal centre. The regional Ministry of Internal Affairs declared that spends dosledstvennuju check of the facts testifying to financial abusings in the company. Managers of branch, and also in management VGTRK did not make comments yesterday on scandal. Experts believe that without dependence from results of investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs weakening of positions in media holding of the general director of branch Ramisa Davletbaeva can become result of intervention of power structures.
past Friday the head of department of economic safety and counteraction of corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Bashkiria Vladimir Pashin has confirmed the fact of seizure of documents in the Bashkir branch VGTRK. The company prepares a local news content for TV channels “ Russia - 1 “ “ Russia - 2 “ “ Culture “ radio stations “ Radio Russia - Bashkortostan “. In police have explained actions dosledstvennoj check of the facts “ about illegal actions and abusings from a branch management “. Sources „“ have told yesterday that about infringements in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also Rustemu Hamitovu has informed the public prosecutor of republic Sergey Hurtinu and the president of Bashkiria the assistant to the general director of branch VGTRK Ramisa Davletbaeva Guzel Sadykov. In the text of one of its statements (the copy of the letter addressed to the public prosecutor of Bashkiria is on hand „“) she has specified that from - for personal commercial interest of managers of branch the company ostensibly lost gathering from advertising placing.

under the assumption of madam Sadykovoj, it is told in the letter, the basic part of advertising gathering remained with the agent of branch on placing of advertising of Open Company “ Advertising group “Prime minister„ “. By data “ the Card file. Ru “ the founder of the company with an authorised capital stock of 19 thousand rbl. Since March, 2011 Timur Jakupov, the former commercial director GTRK " is; Bashkortostan “ and now the main producer of branch. Earlier, according to Guzel Sadykovoj, the company was affilirovana with Ramisom Davletbaevym. The author of the letter specifies that the branch management supposed broadcast of advertising plots also “ without accompanying documents “ gathering from which did not arrive in company cash desk, but also, pays attention that in the company “ the labour law of workers " is broken;. In particular, the employees employed on half of the rate, are compelled to work full time without compensation, the assistant to the general director marks. Yesterday she has declared „“ that under the text of complaints “ many representatives of collective of branch " have subscribed;.

by Assistant Ramisa Davletbaeva Guzel Sadykov has been appointed in September, 2010, in easing of its positions on regional television. In July, 2010 mister Davletbaev has ceased to combine posts of the head simultaneously branch VGTRK and State Unitary Enterprise GTRK “ Bashkortostan “ having conceded a post of the general director of GUPa Guzel Ibragimovoj.

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs yesterday have declared that dosledstvennaja check will last “ at least prior to the beginning of April “. It is necessary to notice that the police is interested not for the first time in financial activity of Bashkir branch VGTRK. In October, 2010 the ministry has filed criminal charges on suspicion of a management of branch in overestimate of estimates of expenses on carrying out of contract works and purchase of the telecommunication equipment (see„ “From October, 26th, 2010). Yesterday in department have declared that investigation of that business has been stopped “ in the absence of crime structure “. According to madam Sadykovoj, it has occurred after “ management VGTRK has officially regarded the information on business excitation as rough pressure upon branch in Bashkiria “. Other sources„ “have informed that the termination of investigation was demanded personally by general director VGTRK Oleg Dobrodeyev.

in a press - service VGTRK yesterday on this information did not make comments. Also have declared„ “that apropos dosledstvennoj checks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also “ any comments will not be “. Ramis Davletbaev was inaccessible to communication and did not answer calls on a mobile phone.

interlocutors„ “connect events round regional branch of the Russian holding with attempts of repartition of spheres of influence in the republican media market. The operating partner of the consulting company “ the Adviser “ Vladimir Barabash notices that “ the sensation can be favourable to everybody “. “ At first sight, there is a struggle for a media active, but it is difficult to tell, to whom it is favourable. Wishing to receive control over such active it is a lot of, especially on the threshold of governor`s elections, - the expert marks. - it is obvious only that if new attempt of criminal prosecution will not compel mister Davletbaeva to leave an armchair of the general director anyway it can weaken its positions on the future. It is not excluded that check is and demonstration of possibilities of the people interested in control over the enterprise “.