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To military flights stirs Chelyabinsk

the Chelyabinsk regional court yesterday has started consideration of claims of inhabitants of Kurchatovsky area of Chelyabinsk, the military planes dissatisfied with noise flying from airdrome Shagol. In the statements they complain that as a result of noise neurologic and mental frustration have received and consequently ask in a judicial order either to forbid flights, or to transfer air base. Military men have explained in court that inhabitants of Chelyabinsk illegally live near to airdrome, and believe that they need to be moved for 30 km from it.

Preliminary judicial session under the claim of five inhabitants of Chelyabinsk and regional welfare fund “ For the nature “ to the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation and a body Ή 69806 where military airdrome Shagol is based, has passed yesterday behind the closed doors. As have explained in a press - court service, such decision was accepted because during process the court requests the classified documents concerning activity of air base. “ the court has heard all persons participating in business. Besides, it has been decided to replace the respondent from a body Ή 69806 with a body Ή 71592, deployed in Ekaterinburg because only it possesses the rights of the legal person and has the right to represent interests of military men “ - have underlined in court. Following session is appointed to April, 16th.

we will remind, flights of planes of a body Ή 69806 became an occasion to discontent of inhabitants (are based on military airdrome of the first class of Shagol which is located in territory of Chelyabinsk) over apartment houses. To complain of noise of fighting bombers townspeople have begun last year when in airdrome the aviation base from three eskadrily the SOU - 24Μ has been generated. To solve a problem, governor Michael Jurevich carried on negotiations with representatives of the Minister of Defence, and military men promised to take measures - to change routes of educational flights of planes, to increase height of flights. “ however actions of military men have not solved a problem. Therefore inhabitants and public fund „For the nature“ which represents interests about 400 inhabitants of Chelyabinsk, have been compelled to address in court “ - the representative under human rights of the Chelyabinsk area Alexey Sevastyanov has explained „“. Initially claims have been submitted to Kurchatovsky regional court of Chelyabinsk, however after from - that some materials of business have a signature stamp “ confidentially “ business to consideration was accepted by regional court.

during yesterday`s session claimants have met for the first time representatives of the respondent. “ we have learnt for the first time an official position of our opponents, which povergla us in shock “ - the legal representative of fund " marks; For the nature “ Anna Ilyin. As she said, representatives of a body have declared during process that do not agree with the shown claims and consider that inhabitants have not the right to live near to airdrome. “ in their opinion, according to their internal instructions, round military base on distance of 30 km should not be people that all buildings of Kurchatovsky area of Chelyabinsk, thus, have been constructed illegally as their erection was not co-ordinated with the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation “ - Ilyin`s madam has told.

statements of military lawyers in the government of the Chelyabinsk area have met yesterday with surprise. “ the plan for development of Chelyabinsk in severo - the western direction where there is Shagol, affirmed in Soviet period - in 1950-60 - h years. I think, hardly the Ministry of Defence was not well informed about it. And statements for resettlement of townspeople are simply ridiculous - after all to carry city line from the airport on 30 km, it is necessary to move not area, and as a whole all city “ - has explained a source „“ in the regional government.

in a staff of the Central military district from comments concerning litigation and the statement of military lawyers have refrained. “ the only thing that it is possible while to tell, we are ready to the civilised decision of problems and we do all from us depending to lower noise: have changed glissady, we are engaged in installation of antinoise boards “ - head has noted a press - services of the Central military district Yaroslav Roschupkin.