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Night in a museum - 3

has on Thursday night ended a meeting of operating prime minister Vladimir Putin with figures of museum culture. Preliminary prichastivshis to it in the Saratov museum of a name of Radishcheva, premieres has promised to museum workers new life and has pulled out from paws Christie`s that should not belong to it. With details - the special correspondent Andrey KOLESNIKOV.
in Vladimir Putin`s museum have shaken store rooms. They have shaken it even more, than standing in a hall where took place meeting, huge Peter the Great (or, on the contrary, great Peter Ogromnyj). It was not simply Peter, and Peter in boots, and any of participants of meeting seemed less than any of boots.

but store rooms were nevertheless out of competition. Vladimir Putin examined pictures with huge interest, truth, seldom made comments on the seen. One of its quiet comments has sounded, however, as a thunder among spring sky already darkening in this hour. To it long told about talented work of the Dutch painters, and he has suddenly confirmed, having stopped near one cloth:

- Yes, the big picture!

the guide has melancholy exchanged glances with colleagues, but here the prime minister has finished speaking:

- After all Dutches usually small write.

the guide with simplification has nodded: and it is exact! Well-aimed supervision!

fortunately, the prime minister did not begin to come into a store room where in twilight were stored wooden sculptures whether people, whether pagan deities full-scale. They sat abreast, and, appear, about something the talked in this twilight. On everyone as in a mortuary, there was a paper label on an elastic band. The label has been attached to a hand or a foot, and one, in a painful grimace put out language, with an elastic band have pulled together a neck. At a sight at having supper idols and without that growing dim paints around were condensed to a nausea, and at once it became not clear where to search for an exit.

But it is not necessary about sad. At a meeting with the museum public of the country it was found out that now in the country of 2578 museums, and next six years their financing will increase four times.

- but, truth, the Hermitage how much I represent to myself, four times accepts visitors, than Louvre less, - the prime minister has noticed.

- after reconstruction will be as much, - the general director of the Hermitage Boris Piotrovsky has responded, without having specified, however, whose reconstruction means - Louvre or the Hermitage.

the minister of culture Alexander Avdeev just in case named a meeting in a museum historical (will not be worse).

- Never, - it has continued, - for memories of aksakals in the history of Soviet and in the history of Russian there was no such meeting of the head of the government of the country only with museum workers! Certainly, it would be desirable to tell the most secret.

However, hardly to aksakals there is a business to a priceless object, they are such rarity, and on their memory to rely, can, and it is not necessary.

Alexander Avdeev is excited very much with a situation with depozitarijami where exhibits are stored. Depozitariev catastrophically does not suffice. As an example Alexander Avdeev has resulted sankt - the Petersburg Museum of ethnography in which on one subject of storage it is necessary one centimetre depozitarija.

- And after all this museum, - has exclaimed Alexander Avdeev, - a live illustration of your article about an ethnic question in Russia! Here is how it is necessary to study time (this article. - ) on this museum!

it was so obviously that nobody began even to supplement or expand this thought. And it is possible, and would cost.

- By the way, Vladimir Vladimirovich, - was even more inspired with getting stronger attention to itself mister Avdeev, - I want to notice that you visited recently the Museum of a name of Pushkin twice! Both Caravaggio, and an exhibition organised Deutsche Bank... It is good if and in regions heads, local heads as actively visited museums, even governors not everywhere in museums happen. There are regions, where...

But he has not had time to finish that there are regions where heads at all were not never in the museums of local lore...

- here Valery Vasilevich (Radaev - the governor of the Saratov region. - )... - its mister Putin has interrupted.

- and here I, Valery Vasilevich... - Alexander Avdeev admitted.

- today together with us in a museum, - the prime minister has finished.

- the first day today, - the minister of culture has murmured. - I congratulate and I want...

- We congratulate you all! - the prime minister has exclaimed.

but Alexander Avdeev had forces to finish speaking about depozitarijah, including about the modular. Thus he has remembered that went to a museum when was small.

- we regularly went, not so is frequent, but regularly went to the Hermitage, I remember, - the prime minister was delighted.

it with pleasure has distracted and has told that together with a class of times in one and a half month necessarily went to a museum.

the minister has suggested to return to this practice.

- repeatedly during many your meetings with figures of theatres the attention to the question on transition to contract system was brought, and you to me gave the commission, - the minister has continued. Is it has been written down in commissions to the government. Vladimir Vladimirovich, a question is not solved for theatres... It as sharply costs and for museum workers.

Alexander Avdeev too easily and even with any desperate fun (with such Cossacks leave in attack with draughts bare to fall then unequal fight) admitted to the prime minister that it does not carry out its commission.

- it is impossible to ask to retire the careless employee even if it has reached pension age while he will not write the application, - mister Avdeev has added. - the question decision sticks in coordination, and as a whole in necessity of legislative amendments to the Labour code.

- it is necessary to agree with trade unions, - the prime minister has offered.

- we with them spoke, - Alexander Avdeev has nodded, - but if to us in allies still will write down deputies and colleagues from other departments, maybe, and dodavim.

Who should dodavit that in allies to the minister of culture have written down more deputies, Alexander Avdeev has not specified. But it is clear that about such mechanism it at least in a course.

the General director State istoriko - cultural memorial estate the Moscow Kremlin Elena Gagarin has noticed that now culture establishments are taxed by all with which business is assessed also, and has suggested to null the profit tax rate.

the prime minister, apparently, was delighted that at last - that the idea on clear to it language has sounded.

participants of a meeting were upset concerning that museums should pay the tax at import from - for borders of cultural values, and the physical persons who are buying up the same values in large quantities, are released from taxes.

- it is necessary to check up and bring into accord with common sense. If possibility to minimise the expenses on import of cultural values to museums - that especially, - was declared by the prime minister is given physical persons, having taken offence for museums instead of being glad for physical persons.

At last, the story of the director of Russian museum of Vladimir Gusev how Adolf Marx`s who has died in 1904 childless descendant, is ready to transfer a collection of painting of the ancestor to Russian museum became deification of a meeting.

- he does not want to give it Christie`s, he wants to give it to us, - mister Gusev has told.

however, he has there and then added that the museum has not enough money for collection return.

a touching story about to give a collection of painting of mister Marx differed from history about to sell .

But Vladimir Putin`s heart has already trembled. Childless descendants should be gained.

- how many it is necessary to you? - The prime minister has asked.

- 2 million, - has exaggerated mister Gusev.

- write to the culture Ministry. We will give, - mister Putin has nodded.

and it is not important, big it is pictures or small. If only to be at the.