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In City have arranged fight for keramzit

In Ulyanovsk in open opposition has outgrown the conflict of proprietors keramzitovogo factory with its former co-owner. The administration names it rejderskim capture, the former owner asserts that it has received that is necessary to it on a judgement. The police does not interfere. The investigatory committee has begun check on presence of signs of corporate raid.
yesterday Investigatory management SKR across the Ulyanovsk region has informed that there are begun checks legality of actions of officials of bodies of police and management of service of court enforcement officers during the conflict between proprietors of the Ulyanovsk factory on manufacture keramzitovogo gravel and also presence of signs of corporate raid in actions of one of proprietors.

the conflict of the former co-owner of Open Company Uljanovskkeramzit (nowadays - Open Company the Transmonolith ) Vladimir Fedorova and its today`s owners has outgrown in open opposition past Tuesday. Factory manager Michael Zhugin has informed that at the enterprise occurs rejdersky capture . As he said, at midday to factory has approached the person in shape, similar the court enforcement officer, also has asked to open gate it have passed, but trace on factory territory 9 cars with strangers have driven. the person reminding the police officer after that has left, and healthy muzhiks from cars have rushed into the main building of the enterprise and began to throw out literally on street of employees of factory, documents, computers - the director has told. As he said, the former co-owner of factory Vladimir Fedorov, " supervised over all it; uninvited visitors broke doors of administrative premises and put the locks and when to them tried to prevent, there was even a fight (video is laid already out on RuTube). The police squad caused by administration did not interfere with the conflict. visitors have occupied the second floor of a building, representatives of administration of the enterprise were closed in the master mechanic which then kept, changing within three days. In Office of Public Prosecutor, SKR and FSB statements with requests have been sent to file criminal charges upon power capture of the enterprise.

meanwhile of service of the judicial have assured that on Wednesday our employee on factory did not come and was there for a long time, still on February, 16th, when absolutely peacefully the parties had been issued factory assignation in the company City under the arbitration court decision therefore events - it not rejdersky capture . The police, in turn, has explained that is present on object only for maintenance of an order and does not interfere with receivership proceeding .

However, the lawyer Transmonolith Ekaterina Fetisova has declared that any assignation was not, because on two arbitration affairs on all actions City in February and March are imposed obespechitelnye measures and in the certificate of the police officer she has largely written: the property is not transferred .

Vladimir Fedorov has confirmed that it it and its people on Tuesday have occupied the enterprise. we have a document of the police officer on transfer to me of buildings and constructions on the basis of the decision arbitration. They did not want to give me my share, but I have won all in court, and the enterprise now against me. Yesterday gate have been opened, we have simply come and here already we work at this enterprise - Feodor`s mister has told.

studying of documents of arbitration has shown that Feodor`s mister was the co-owner Uljanovskkeramzita from shares in 30 %, but in 2005 left its structure, having received for the share of 0,8 million rbl. However in 2009, being based on changes in the legislation, Vladimir Fedorov has seized a share in 23 million roubles (at market cost of factory about 100 million roubles) which yet has not received, as Uljanovskkeramzit it was reorganised, having transferred property in branches (Open Company the Transmonolith Open Company PEAK and Open Company the WASP ) And itself, already practically without property, has merged from Open Company City . And then Feodor`s mister has submitted the claim to arbitration with the requirement to recognise the transaction on reorganisation insignificant and to return property City as to the assignee Uljanovskkeramzita . In December, 2011 at a stage of cassation instance the arbitration has satisfied requirements of the claimant.

for acknowledgement of the right to the share Fedorovu should bring an action again, instead of to grasp the enterprise - has explained the lawyer the Transmonolith .

Mister Zhugin is assured that the former co-owner is not going to defend the share in court, instead, illegally having put under the control of Open Company City he wants to receive completely all factory . As it is informed on an arbitration court site, consideration of the claim of the owner of Open Company is appointed to April, 10th City Vladimir Mishchenko who has declared that documents and its signature on delegation of power in City to the unknown citizen counterfeit, so - void. Yesterday in SOU SKR have confirmed that on the facts of falsification of documents City also check is conducted.

meanwhile yesterday it became known that there was one more proprietor - Joint-Stock Company the Alliance (Samara) which declares that Feodor`s mister cannot apply for factory property as it is already sold to the Alliance the company the Transmonolith long before a judgement.