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Private investors cars

have asked to hand over the State considers a variant of actual nationalisation of 40 % of the Russian private semicars. Their owners can oblige to make a park part in the order of Open Society of the Russian Railway. That operators will receive in exchange - is not defined yet. Even sources in the monopoly are surprised by such turn of events. Under the informal information, the idea was offered by Federal Agency of tariffs. And especially senseless it looks on the eve of sale to private investors of belonging Open Societies of the Russian Railway of 75 % of actions of the largest owner of cars in the country - the First cargo company.
the government has prepared the decision project about a time order of attraction of cars for Russian Railway Open Society. In the document with which it was possible to familiarise it is said that the monopoly actually remained without the cars, having transferred them in the First and Second cargo companies and other affiliated companies, and cannot provide a cargo transportation. Therefore it should have possibility to receive cars from the market and from the affiliated companies. It is for this purpose planned to enter concept the involved car (that is the car which rents Russian Railway Open Society). In the market it will work by the same rules, as park of the monopoly, but to be given to consignors not under the fixed state tariffs, and under the special formula of the price with possibility of discounts to 30 % and extra charges to 10 %. The Federal Agency of tariffs (FST) taking into account market prices of cars and their profitablenesses should develop the formula. It is a question about universal park that is first of all about the most widespread semicars.

ideas about attraction of cars in Russian Railway Open Society sounded and earlier - according to representatives of monopoly, it would allow to solve a problem of service of small and average consignors. But in the decision project it is told that private owners of cars will be obliged to give monopolies to 40 % of the park. As well as how many Russian Railway Open Society will pay for it, in the document is not specified.

a source in the market tells that the document has appeared after the big meeting in Ministry of Transport which has taken place last week. But the high-ranking interlocutor in Russian Railway Open Society specifies that at meeting said only that for stabilisation of transportations of monopoly the involved park at a rate of 200 - 250 thousand cars is necessary - words about compulsion of private traders to give the cars. Private cars, the source " is assured; should be involved on to the clear scheme of rent with market rates . The offer to oblige private investors to give 40 % of cars has arrived from FST, tells a top - the manager. It confirms also a source in branch. Head FST Sergey Novikov to comment yesterday a situation has refused. One of interlocutors has explained that FST has put this figure By analogy to power sphere where the generating companies oblige to reserve a part of capacities .

But the director of Fund of power development Sergey Pikin says what to draw a straight line analogy between cars and the electric power incorrectly. in each power supply system really there is a capacity reserve - about 20 %, however use of this reserve cannot be compared to use of cars - the expert has explained. First of all the electric power is the goods which are consumed at the moment of manufacture, and he cannot be kept in stock. therefore in power the concept of reserve capacities is much more thin also a question on that, private they or state, it is impossible to put, it is a question of a power supply system and reliability, - Sergey Pikin has specified. What station the System operator will tell to increase loading, that and will increase .

the Partnership of operators of the train has refused to make comments yesterday on the decision project, having referred that its members yet have not developed the consolidated position . However representatives of the separate companies - owners of cars name idea not sensible and illogical . On Friday of Open Society of the Russian Railway sells 75 % of actions of the First cargo company to which belongs to 70 thousand semicars, - one of private traders speaks. - It turns out that the monopoly sells the company only then to take away its cars back .

Agency head Infranews Alexey Bezborodov is confused with absence in the decision project about the time scheme any time frameworks of its action. Time such document is going to put the premiere for the signature, means that the government is ready to declare whether nationalisation, whether the martial law - after all only these two circumstances presume to take away to the state private cars to themselves - Alexey Bezborodov speaks. As he said, acceptance of such document will bring down capitalisations of the railway companies and will lead to corruption strengthening on the railway. At a stock exchange actions of the largest private operator in Russia Globaltrans bargain. At it 29 thousand semicars, is 58 % of park of the company.