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The region was put on the deposit

At the forty second session of Legislative Assembly of the Penza region by deputies have confirmed the nominee of Andrey Andreeva offered by governor Vasily Botchkarev on a post of the chairman of the regional government. It has replaced on a post left in July in resignation Olga Artjukovu. Any fraction of Legislative Assembly did not oppose to the statement of the new head of regional ministry. According to observers, Andrey`s mister - the high quality expert who urged to deduce the Penza region from a forthcoming economic crisis.

deputies of regional parliament have spent for all procedure of the statement no more than minute. The deputy case has unanimously approved a nominee of mister Andreeva, questions to the new chairman of the government of the Penza region at people`s choices have not appeared. Andrey Andreev in turn did not begin to say a welcoming speech, having limited only thanks .

the Post of the chairman of the regional government was vacant since July, 2011 when Olga Atjukova holding this post has left on a post of chief of the department FAS the Russian Federation across the Penza region. Since October 2011 - go it is appointed by the assistant to the plenipotentiary of the president in the Central federal district.

last 20 years Andrey`s mister almost all time worked in bank sphere. In 1992 - 1994 it was the vice-president of board of bank Tarhany (Penza), in 1993 - m - the assistant to the head of administration of the Penza region, but in 1994 - the m has returned in Tarhany with 1994 - go on 1998 - j headed structure of the Penza Bank of the Renaissance and Development, with 1998 - go - operating the Penza branch VTB, since March 2009 - go till May, 2011 worked in bank Kuznetsk .

on a post of the chairman of the government the governor of the Penza region Vasily Botchkarev has accepted the Decision on appointment of mister Andreeva this week individually during visit to Milan. Mister Botchkarev has told about it. He also has underlined that its choice has fallen on the person with good knowledge of financial sphere not casually. at it the wide experience, and it knows business that is very important for the official - the governor has noted.

the deputy case has unconditionally supported offered by the head of region a nominee. As the vice-president of Legislative Assembly of the Penza region United Russia party member Valery Lidin, Andrey`s mister " has noted; the highest level the professional in sphere of economy, budgetary relations, formings of relations with small and average business . I Think, what exactly support of small and average business becomes it the fad . It is assured that businessmen will receive the practical help from the area government. Also it is assured that it can build interaction with all public organisations - mister Lidin considers. According to the vice-president of Legislative Assembly, Andrey Andreev - very successful nominee which have supported not only at parliamentary session, but also at a meeting of the future chairman of the government coming session with the deputy case.

the vice-president of the Penza regional Legislative Assembly, the leader of fraction Fair Russia Gennady Eroshin considers that Andrey`s mister - a worthy nominee, besides the deputy case does not need to prevent to the governor to make to itself a team. I remember Andrey Andreeva even on work in the government eks - governor Anatoly Kovljagina, it was the good official though has worked there very little. I do not have any questions to a new nominee because the governor makes a team from which it is convenient to it to work, do not consider it necessary to disturb to it. If he has suddenly made the wrong choice the chairman of the government, it too will be its problems. It is necessary to work with the person then it will be possible to give any estimations - mister Eroshin considers.

the Fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation also has supported the personnel offer of the governor in spite of the fact that as deputy Vladimir Simagin has told, the majority of members of parliament in general is not familiar with it, and on the profile commission the question on the candidate on a post of the chairman of the government of area was not discussed. when the governor represented it, has been told that it when - that worked in the government - mister Simagin has told, having explained that communists do not oppose to a governor`s choice.

According to the Penza political scientist Anatoly Bodrov, before mister Andreevym it is necessary to keep a problem the area budget forthcoming crisis year. abundantly clear that after elections all economy of region, despite optimistical statements, will fall down, so a post of the chairman of the government very risky and on it nobody hurried up - mister Bodrov marks. The political scientist considers that occurrence of the intellectual of such level became opening for many. at us the government, as a rule, is formed not by an intellectual principle - he has noticed. Mister Bodrov also has noticed that Andrey Andreev is known for that in crisis 2008 actually has rescued bank Kuznetsk, having kept last regional bank. he/she is such captain who urged to keep area afloat, because to shake us it will be very strong - the political scientist considers.