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The USA will help Israel with struggle with Hamas

the USA and Israel have signed the memorandum of the mutual understanding, called to stop weapon streams to Gaza Strip and by that to provide conditions for cease-fire. The document has been signed in Washington by US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Israel of Tzipi Livni, transfers Associated Press.
the USA consider that incessant weapons smuggling and ammunition for Hamas and other terrorist groupings in Gaza Strip is the direct reason of current military operations in the Palestinian enclave, it is told in the statement of US State department on the occasion of the memorandum.
according to the official representative of State department Sean Makkormaka, the document signed in Washington represents the general program directed on maintenance of conditions for the termination of operations in Gaza Strip. to prevent reequipment Hamas - one of the key conditions, opening cease-fire possibility - representative Gosdepa has noted.
we Will remind, earlier Egyptian party has suggested to declare around conducting operations 10 - a day armistice under condition of preservation of the Israeli armies on the positions occupied with them. According to Cairo, the armistice should prepare conditions to start negotiations. However to Israel and radical Islamic movement supervising Gaza Strip Hamas yet it was not possible to settle armistice terms. Israel demands from the Palestinian movement to stop bombardments of the territory. From its part the head of the Political bureau Hamas Haled Mashaal, has declared that at first the Israeli army should leave Gaza Strip.
military operation of Israel against radical movement Hamas in Gaza Strip proceeds almost three weeks. During it, according to all available information, was lost about 1 thousand civilians, about 4 thousand The person have got wounds, in the majority civilians. Israel has lost 13 persons killed, including 10 military men.
now the Israeli armies conduct fights in the city of Gaza. It is informed that on Thursday as a result of dot blow of the Israeli Air Forces the head of security service of administration " has been destroyed; Hamas Said Sijam.