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The Party of Regions has found out suspicious observers from Georgia

For days prior to the beginning of presidential election in Ukraine in the country observers from Georgia have started to arrive. Party of Regions they has seemed the suspicious.
on a press - conferences Elena Bondarenko has shared the doubts the deputy from Party of Regions. As she said, to the Donetsk airport airline Georgian airlines there has arrived a charter flight on which board there were 152 passengers - exclusively men at the age from 25 till 45 years.
E.Bondarenko has asked a question, whether really these people are observers. why they are picked up for a certain age and sexual sign? - has asked the deputy gathered for a press - conferences.
as she said, at arriving from Georgia there are no certificates of observers. Moreover, at dialogue with employees of a frontier service they during any moment began to assert that the purpose of their arrival to Ukraine is Personal visit .
As has found out the deputy, to Donetsk should arrive and new charters, cost of each of which makes 26 - 28 thousand dollars.
before the power of Georgia declared intention to send to Ukraine about 2 thousand observers, having paid thus all expenses.
we will notice that some years ago the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili declared readiness to direct representatives of the country in various Post-Soviet republics to impart experience with them colour revolutions .
Presidential elections of Ukraine will pass on January, 17th. 18 candidates apply for a state post of the head. Today in the country - day of silence when any pre-election campaign is forbidden.