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D.Medvedev: contract Ratification on SNV should pass simultaneously

Ratification of the new contract on strategic offensive arms (SNV) should pass simultaneously to Russia and the USA, other situation is inadmissible, the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has declared today during a meeting with leaders of the Duma parties which has passed in its residence in Zavidovo, transfers TV channel Russia 24 .
According to the head of the state, the situation when as last years, the USSR ratified such documents, and the USA did not do it is inadmissible. The president has underlined that the American partners should know about it.
D. Medvedev also has informed that on January, 22nd will hold session of the State Council concerning development of political system of the country on which intend to suggest to discuss all aspects of development of political system, in particular, on development of political institutes, party institutes, parliamentary democracy, local government, judicial and law-enforcement systems.
we will remind that the old contract on SNV has expired on December, 5th 2009., both the American and Russian parties had not time to develop the new agreement up to the end 2009. The official information on details of negotiations has some, development of arrangements passes in conditions of the maximum privacy.