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Daughter ZH - M.Le Foam will continue a policy of the father

Jean`s Daughter - Mari Le Foam - Marin Le Pen became its successor on a post of the leader pravoradikalnogo the French national front. Itself ZH - M.Le of Foams has left the post after 38 years of stay at a party wheel.
again selected the chairman of the political organisation has won a victory over the contender Brjuno Golnishem, having got of support of 68 % of delegates of the congress passing in Round, transfers France 24.
the Congress of National front has drawn to itself wide attention not only the press, but also opponents of the organisation. Before walls of the Palace of the congresses of Round where takes place congress, have gathered more than 1,5 thousand the persons protesting against ideas of National front. According to opponents of party, despite relative youth of the new leader, nobody pins on M.Le of Foams of hope of softening of party ideology. Especially brightly continuity of ideas of the father was showed, when M. Le Foams has publicly compared the Moslems praying in streets of the French cities, to nazi occupation of France in the Second World War.
42 - summer M.Le of Foams is the deputy of EuroParliament. The politician has been twice dissolved, at it three children. Her father 82 - summer ZH - M.Le of Foams - the founder of National front. He has created the party in 1972. Having added to the arsenal nationalist slogans, including about immigration restriction to France, its party became one of the basic political forces in the country. ZH.M. of Le of Foams five times unsuccessfully stood on a post of the president of the Fifth republic.