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The candidate for presidents V.Putin: Russia concentrates

the Prime minister - the minister, the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has published on the night of Monday in the newspaper News article under heading Russia concentrates - calls which we should answer .
V.Putin has sounded the position on some question, including about a perspective place of Russia in the global policy and economy, possible risks and problems which should face the country.
wide dialogue - about the future, about priorities, about a long-term choice, national development and national prospects is necessary. This article - the invitation to such dialogue - it is told in article of the prime minister.
the first question which is mentioned by the prime minister in the article, - development of political system. V.Putin lets know that the forces insisting on cardinal change of the power, have no concrete program of actions on the future.
Today speak about different forms of updating of political process. But about what it is offered to agree? How to arrange the power? To transfer it to the best people ? And further - that that? What to do - that we will be? - asks a question of premieres - the minister.
in the article V.Putin has explained, why has agreed to stand in 2012. On a post of the president of Russia. According to the prime minister, it is necessary to finish creation in Russia a steady, stable, healthy state organism .
I do not want and will not belittle whose that was merits in formation of the new country. Them was much. But the fact there is that in 1999., when I became the chairman of the government, and then and the president, our state was in a condition of deep system crisis - it is told in article.
And that group of adherents which could be generated and headed to the author of these lines, leaning against support of overwhelming majority of citizens, has deduced Russia from deadlock of civil war, has broken a ridge to terrorism, has restored territorial integrity of the country and a constitutional order, has revived economy and has provided throughout 10 years one of the highest in the world of rates of economic growth and increase of real incomes of our people - V.Putin has written.
according to the prime minister, today it is visible that is made successfully that has worked effectively and on the contrary - that it is necessary to correct, what things at all to refuse. V.Putin recognises that in the country more many problems are not solved, there are also new complexities, but is assured that they can be wrapped up on advantage of Russia.
also in the article V.Putin has written that in Russia it is necessary to solve a poverty problem till the end of current decade.
Century Putin has mentioned also a world economy condition. The prime minister considers that the world has faced not with the private soldier crisis, and with tectonic process of global transformation the turbulence period will be long and painful. In this case the prime minister has asked not to feed illusions .
the next weeks the prime minister intends to present for public discussion more concrete reasons in this respect.