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The governor of the Volgograd region has risen in turn on dismissal

the Governor of the Volgograd region Anatoly Brovko in the near future will be sent in resignation. As the newspaper " writes on January, 16th; News the question on dismissal of the head of region is already solved, and from its office personal things are taken already out.
to leaving from a post of the head of the subject of the Russian Federation A.Brovko it is ready: before New year it has submitted the application on resignation. The interlocutor of the edition has told that the governor complained on strong pressure from the centre . However then the head of region have asked to continue to work and correct a situation in region .
the Federal authorities could make the decision on A.Brovko`s dismissal after meeting About an estimation of efficiency of activity of enforcement authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation which prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has spent on January, 10th 2012. It was found out that in the Volgograd region the population practically does not trust the regional authorities.
unfortunately, in the Volgograd region one of the most bad indicators in this sense: only 15 % of respondents positively estimate work of the head of region. It means that or people do not inform that occurs, or they do not feel any positive tendencies which occur, and it is necessary to look, why it occurs - V.Putin has noted at meeting.
Besides, A.Brovko, according to an edition source, did not have a relation with local agents of national security as after coming to power he wanted to break a solid command and to place the people on key posts . In particular, he has achieved dismissal of the head of department of FSB, the general - lieutenant Sergey Kokorina, and long time interfered with Michael Murzaeva`s appointment to a post of the head of the Volgograd Investigatory committee.
It is supposed that A.Brovko so has long held on on the place thanks to the communications with head the Trumpet metallurgical company and groups Sinara Dmitry Pumpjansky, the businessman approached to the president of the Russian Federation to Dmitry Medvedev.
officially A.Brovko`s resignation does not prove to be true yet. everything that is told about resignation, - at level of hearings. No resignation is present, and about any changes in Anatoly Grigorevicha`s career I do not know - has declared a press - the secretary of the Volgograd governor Julia Atopova.
we Will remind, in resignation the governor of the Arkhangelsk region Ilya Mihalchuk on January, 13th has been ahead of schedule sent. In December 2011. From the post the governor of the Vologda area Vladimir Pozgalev has left. We will notice that in these regions an United Russia has shown phenomenally low result on elections in the State Duma.