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Active workers Marsh and Saharova create League of voters

On the threshold of presidential election and on a wave of growth of political activity of Russians in the country the League of voters is created. The number of its founders included the journalist and TV presenter Leonid Parfyonov, writer Boris Akunin, poet Dmitry Bykov, musician Yury Shevchyuk, TV presenter Tatyana Lazareva, writer Lyudmila Ulitsky, and also popular blogery Rustem Agadamov (drugoi) and Ilya Varlamov (zyalt).
About creation of League of voters in the blog has written T.Lazareva. As she said, on Wednesday, on January, 18th, the press - organisation conference on by which, possibly, it will be declared its purposes will take place.
I in panic am afraid of system, a lawlessness and lawlessness, me never learnt not only to how with them to struggle, but even is simple to how with them to communicate. My motto always was Far away from the heads, is closer to kitchen . And it not unique my fear: I, certainly, am afraid to lose all, I, certainly, am afraid for the children. But I do not want to see, how they will live in the same fear is for me even more awfully - has told T.Lazareva.
I not the politician and never it will be, I am for this purpose dark and uneducated, but if I see that my country dies away, I will resist to it and to call for it all who the same as also I, consider that my country is and I including. Here Putin considers that us minority of the such. And I consider that it is a lot of us. That we the adults civilised, decent people. And, by the way, we can gather and be organised - the TV presenter has noted.
today also it became known that members of the Presidential Council under human rights have suggested to make the main intermediary between the power and the people of the representative under human rights in the Russian Federation Vladimir Lukina.
Our society reminds today the plane which has got to a zone of turbulence. It is the basis for course revision. Revision assumes collective search of the decision, negotiations between the power and a society. The initiative of V.Lukina sounded on the eve of New Year`s holidays is very timely to incur a role of the co-ordinator of these negotiations - it is told in the council statement.
earlier a role of the intermediary in dialogue between the present power and opposition repeatedly tried on on itself were vitse - the prime minister and eks - the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin.