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ER : V.Putin has a moral right to apply on post of the president

Chairman of committee of the State Duma on work, social policy and affairs of veterans Andrey Isaev has commented on article of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin Russia concentrates - calls which we should answer .
the First deputy of the secretary of presidium of a general council an United Russia considers that the candidate for presidents of the Russian Federation convincingly characterises a condition of the Russian society reminding about to accident 90 - h from which we were removed, and real achievements of a stable course over the last 10 years .
It gives to its the grounds and the moral right to apply for the higher government - considers A.Isaev who quotes a press - party service.
according to the deputy, recently many try to create power and opposition opposition. And. Isaev has noticed that Russians also often ask a question, the power is how much democratic today and whether it is necessary to change it. Putin says that, before to undertake organizational steps, it is necessary to understand, for the sake of what it is necessary to change the power. In what the maintenance of that policy which is offered by those or other forces. It is necessary to speak, first of all, about it - the United Russia party member has told.
A.Isaev also has noticed that V.Putin invites voters to dialogue and translates discussion from a revolutionary key which last months, in substantial discussion of what should become Russia in some years tried to impose.
Putin says that the world any more will not be such what it was prior to the beginning of crisis 2008. There is a serious reorganisation. Mobilisation of all forces of Russia and preservation of the state unity Is required that we have not appeared are rejected on a roadside - the deputy summarised.
we Will remind, article of the Russian prime minister of V.Putin has been published on the night of January, 16th in the newspaper News this text also has appeared on a site of the candidate in presidents http:// putin2012. ru/.
In it V.Putin has sounded the position on some question, in particular on a political and social situation in Russia, a place of our country in the world and prospects of its development.