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Sergey Mironov announced the presidential program

the Registered candidate for presidents of Russia Sergey Mironov on a press - konferentsiiv has designated substantive provisions of the presidential program over which, by its recognition, worked all holidays and which has promised to present in the near future.
as the candidate for presidents I will construct also the presidential program, and all steps as the president on unconditional literal execution of the operating Constitution of the Russian Federation. It today the main thing - S.Mironov has declared.
the important place in the program of the candidate will be occupied with political reforms. The politician considers as a priority change of the selective legislation. In its opinion, it is necessary to liquidate institute of preschedule voting, and also otkrepitelnye coupons. in conditions when in our selective legislation there is no norm about an appearance threshold, it is nonsense. At us it is a lot of citizens, at us the big country also is to whom to select - he believes.
election committees should be formed only on a party basis and include representatives of all registered parties. Also S.Mironov considers that in the ballot it is necessary to return the column against all . Besides, the leader eserov has supported the carried out initiative on installation on polling districts of chambers and transparent urns.
the program of the candidate will include also other point already offered by the president - a notifying procedure for registration of parties. it is desirable, that this idea has been realised, and really at us registration of new parties became business very simple, instead of would depend on a position of Ministry of Justice or, we will call things by their proper names, from a position of representatives of Presidential Administration - the candidate has explained.
the program With. Mironov will include points on selectivity of mayors, governors and about liquidation of institute of city - managers. Also the former head of the Federation Council supports election of councillors of Federation. The people power should be carried out through the referenda which carrying out in Russia should become business usual.
meanwhile the politician suggests to deprive of deputies of inviolability and privileges on pensions and a salary. In his opinion, the salary of the deputy of federal level should be to the equal average salary on the country.
also S.Mironov is assured that the president should be selected no more than for two terms. two terms - more than it is enough for any selected person. Successively - not successively, it has no value - he has underlined.
in S.Mironov`s program there will be a section devoted to fight against corruption: He suggests to fix expenses of all members of a family of state officials, and in case of revealing of the facts of corruption to liquidate property at korruptsionera and its relatives. Also the candidate considers important ratification 20 - j articles of the Convention of the United Nations against corruption.
if S.Mironov becomes the president, it will change the law About police having divided department on obshchefederalnuju police for investigation of criminal offences and municipal militia of public safety. Heads of militia, on its idea, should get out citizens along with divisionals.
an ethnic question S.Mironov named become overripe also has promised to register in the law that Russian are gosudarstvoobrazujushchim the people .
the candidate considers as the Important problem of today struggle against an offshore. For this purpose in its program it will be registered 20 - the percentage tax to export of the capital and necessity of payment of taxes on a point of production of the goods and services.
the Big section of the program will be devoted culture. Still in 90 - e academician Dmitry Lihachev has published the declaration of the rights of culture which S.Mironov has promised to make the law of the Russian Federation. Besides, eser has declared necessity of social council on television and liquidation of Unified State Examination which on a level with bolonskim process conducts to debilizatsii the population .
And everything, as to the decision socially - economic problems, S.Mironov will borrow from the Duma program of the party.
if citizens will select S.Mironov the president, on this post it will begin work with cancellation of reforms of formation and army, as they only harm .