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S.Govorukhin: V.Putin has chosen ONF as ER many errors

have done Premieres - the minister, the candidate for presidents of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has decided to lean in the election campaign on the All-Russian popular front (ONF), instead of on an United Russia as party in power many errors " have done;. Such opinion was stated by head of a national staff, director Stanislav Govorukhin at session of a federal national staff of public support of the candidate in V.Putin`s presidents.
it, probably, correctly, because, in - the first, an United Russia many errors have done, what now about them to speak. And in - the second, an United Russia is a small social class, and the Popular front is all country - S.Govorukhin has explained the opinion.
earlier, on December, 8th, V.Putin has declared that its pre-election staff will be generated on the basis of ONF. I would like to create a staff on base the All-Russian popular front on the basis of the organisation which is as I have already told, nadpartijnoj and unites the most different people, and even with the most different political views, but united as I already spoke, one base values of development of our state - the prime minister has told. Then as head of a federal pre-election staff V.Putin has offered director S.Govorukhin.
head of a staff has commented also on V.Putin`s article Russia concentrates - calls which we should answer which has been published in the newspaper News on January, 16th. In particular, S.Govorukhin has declared that personally it was hooked by a phrase that the period of restoration of economy in Russia has ended.
I waited for a long time for this recognition from Vladimir Vladimirovicha. Because that we did last ten years, is was restoration of the destroyed economy. And here it is restored, it is possible to start and reforms. It is possible to speak and is more modest: to begin a way of stable development - S.Govorukhin has declared.
the head of a federal pre-election staff also is assured that citizens should learn to use an educational drive. people with higher education - hope of Russia. We should mobilise the raised inquiries of middle class - head of a staff has told during session, making comments on idea about creation of 25 million hi-tech, highly paid workplaces for people with higher education.
head of a staff also has stated confidence that in the future positions of an electoral programme of V.Putin the unexpected moments are possible. we will wait for continuation. For us wait, I am assured, still unexpectedness, because at Vladimir Vladimirovicha such character - S.Govorukhin has declared.
we Will add that during a today`s meeting participants have confirmed heads of regional national staffs. In particular, the Moscow staff was headed the deputy by Lyudmila Shvetsova.