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The representative " becomes the speaker of parliament of Egypt; Brothers - Moslems

the Post of the speaker of the lower chamber of the Egyptian parliament will be occupied with the secretary general of party Freedom and justice Saad al - Katatni, transfers Associated Press. Party Freedom and justice is a political wing of the Islamic organisation Brothers - Moslems . Posts vitse - speakers will receive the representative of the party salafitov An - Nur and the representative of the liberal block from party New Vafd .
we Will notice that official results of the parliamentary elections, different difficult three-stage procedure, are not declared yet. In Cairo till now have no the data from remote polling districts. Nevertheless preliminary results testify that the victory on elections was gained by representatives of Islamic parties who will receive the majority in new parliament.
In Cairo negotiations between representatives of various parties, in which course have already taken place has been decided that the post of the speaker of the lower chamber of parliament will occupy Saad al - Katatni. It is expected that deputies will spend the first session already on January, 23rd of this year
we Will notice that session of new parliament becomes sign event for Egypt as parliamentary session will begin legislative process after overthrow correcting the country more than 30 years Hosny Mubarak. The primary goal of deputies is creation of the intraparliamentary commission which will be engaged in a writing of the new constitution. In its work will take part 100 of 498 selected members of parliament.
we will remind, H.Mubarak headed Egypt with 1981. He has retired in February 2011. As a result of mass protest actions. During their carrying out in collisions between holding a meeting and forces of law and order 850 persons were lost nearby. At the moment eks - the head of republic is under examination. It is accused of crimes against humanity for which the Office of Public Prosecutor demands the death penalty.