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Image of Russia abroad will restore “ hrushchevsko - gorbachevskim “ in the way

Rossotrudnichestvo with the assistance of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has prepared “ the Plan of measures of the government of the Russian Federation on activity realisation in spheres of the international humanitarian cooperation and assistance to the international development on the basis of the Russian centres of a science and culture abroad on 2013 - 2015γγ. “.
the Specified document developed within the limits of realisation of a problem put by president Vladimir Putin on application “ soft force “ includes the list of the measures directed on improvement of an image of the country abroad, writes today “ Kommersant “.
Strategy of the Russian authorities in many respects incorporated the Soviet experience. In particular, the document assumes increase in number of the Russian centres of a science and culture, an intensification of work with compatriots. At last, Russia intends to spend in 2017γ. The international festival of youth and students. Similar actions have taken place in the USSR in 1957 and 1985γγ.
expansion of geography and activity of the Russian centres of a science and culture becomes Key lines of activity. Now Russia has only such 59 centres, besides that China has created almost 900 similar establishments. The increase in number of the centres will be carried out with “ the account of geopolitical interests of the Russian Federation “.
On the basis of the centres there should be centres of postprofessional development on base online - courses. Besides, here branches of the largest Russian museums or their virtual representations will be opened. At last, in the centres it will be possible to see direct premier displays of the Russian theatres. Rossotrudnichestvo will be involved in realisation of the specified project, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of culture and Minkomsvjazi.
Russian advancement abroad becomes the Following direction of work of department. On the basis of RTSNK it is planned to hold testing of foreigners, in some countries there can be language course for labour migrants.
at last, the Russian authorities intend to speed up work with compatriots and foreign youth. Within the limits of this direction Russia intends to hold the International festival of youth and students as it was in Soviet Union.
Besides, the authorities plan to involve foreigners to Russia on a regular basis, having expanded a quota on reception of foreign citizens in the Russian high schools, and also having increased number of participants of the program of short-term fact-finding trips to the Russian Federation young representatives of political, public, scientific and business circles. By the end 2013γ. The president can present the decree about creation of the Russian union of societies of friendship (analogue of the Union of the Soviet societies of friendship) and renewal of activity of the House of friendship with the people of foreign countries.
Making comments on initiatives of the Russian authorities, experts notice that frequently image of the country is defined by not specified measures which are aimed at long-term effect, and other factors, in particular in-Russian events.