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The white house has condemned words of the president of Egypt about hatred to Jews

the White house and US State department have condemned statements of the president of Egypt Mohammed Mursi to the Jews, made in 2010. In the joint statement the Presidential Administration of the USA and foreign policy department named words of the Egyptian leader the extremely offensive and contradicting idea of an establishment of the world in the Near East.
in two interviews to the Lebanese TV channel Al - Kuds which it has given 2,5 years ago, M.Mursi has urged Egyptians to bring up the children in the spirit of hatred to Jews and Zionists who, as he said, are blood-suckers, razzhigateljami wars and descendants of monkeys and pigs .
He also asserted that the Palestinian national administration has been created Zionist and American enemies to counteract aspirations and desires of the Palestinian people . M. Mursi has declared that never recognises Israel, and the Jewish state does not have a place in Palestin. The decision of the Near-Eastern conflict by creation of two states for two people the president of Egypt named illusion.
the official representative of the White house of Dzhej Karni has declared that US authorities categorically oppose these statements, as well as against any words kindling religious hatred . He has added that the president of Egypt to oblige to let now know that he respects followers of all religions. J. Karni also has noticed that the statements similar to attacks by M.Mursi, are unacceptable in the democratic state.
experts mark a difference between M.Mursi`s statements as the leader Brothers - Moslems and its pragmatic actions on a state post of the head. Qatar political scientist Shadi Hamid has declared in The New York Times interview that, despite sharp statements of the new president of Egypt to Jews, the policy of an operating mode in relation to Israel a little than differs from diplomacy of times of Hosny Mubarak.