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The new order of granting of a draught deferment

the New order of granting of a delay from armiis has come into force today the decree of the president of the Russian Federation, concerning grantings of a draught deferment by the pupil.
According to this document, pupils of educational institutions acquire the right to an additional draught deferment. Positions of the presidential decree extends on young men? Not reached 20 - summer age which study on internal branch at high schools, schools, technical schools, and other educational institutions which have received the state accreditation.
upon termination of an average or srednespetsialnogo educational institution of the young man have the right to receive the second draught deferment for the period of training in a higher educational institution. According to the new decree, the draught deferment can be received no more than two times.
meanwhile from this year all graduates 10 - h classes, and also pupils of the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE and technical schools will be obliged to pass military gathering. As have informed the day before New news the corresponding instruction was vised by Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov and Minister of Education Vladimir Filippov. Moreover, the Ministry of Justice has already registered this unprecedented document which, according to experts, contradicts the law on formation. However the deputy minister of formation Victor Bolotov considers that no contradiction is present, as speech does not go about military preparation. Officials explain innovations so: schoolboys simply will have a possibility to get acquainted with life in army. For the other not considered males will be more senior 16 years to be created special educational points - the whole network of military schools at the organisations numbering more of two tens of citizens, not repaid still to the Native land an honourable debt. On these companions the nominal list which is made out by the order of the military commissioner of area " is made;. Employment will pass in educational points twice a week, with the subsequent reception of offsets. It is defined also convenient for voenkoma time of the termination of the final actions, coinciding why - that with dates started of invocatory campaigns: on March, 25th and on September, 25th. After that inquiries, and their lists, together with the quality certificate of mastering of the program are handed over to citizens, go to regional military registration and enlistment offices.
Besides, the Minister of Defence declares also the All-Russia competition on the best office of the recruit, a museum of fighting glory, a shooting gallery or, at the worst, an open classroom the Young patriot .