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The USA and Britain change tactics

the First day of the protest against war in Iraq has been noted by mass demonstrations in London, Rome, Berlin and collisions in Athenes. Worldwide millions people have taken part in manifestations of protest. Many of demonstrations have passed in capitals of the countries supporting a position of the USA across Iraq.
while the greatest number protesting - about one million person - left on streets of Rome. In London in a protest action have taken part at least 750 thousand persons. By estimations of the British police, this was the largest demonstration, when - or passing in a city. Half-millions of people left on streets of Berlin, in Paris the number of demonstrators reached 100 thousand persons. Organizers of a global protest campaign hope that not less than 100 thousand persons will pass a protest march in New York before United Nations building. the world! The world! The world! - the archbishop of Southern Africa has proclaimed on service which has passed near to a staff - United Nations apartments, Desmond Tutu. Let America will hear other world - the Nobel prize winner of the world has told. According to police, the number of demonstrators in Oslo reached 60 thousand persons, 50 thousand have gathered in Bruxelles and about 35 thousand - in Stockholm. Thousand defenfers of peace protested against war in Iraq in Dublin, Seville, Bern, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Vienna, Amsterdam, Kiev. Opponents of war in Iraq left also on streets of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Dacca, Damascus. In the Bagdad demonstrators, many of which have been armed by automatic machines, expressed the support to Saddam Hussein. Some thousand demonstrators have come to a building of embassy of the USA in Athenes. They have developed at Acropolis walls the huge poster the NATO, the USA and EU = war! . For dispersal of young anarchists which have started to beat glasses in shops and have tried to throw a building of one of the Athenian newspapers bottles with an incendiary mix, the Greek police has applied tear gas. Four young men have been arrested.
growth of anti-war moods in the world has not appeared not noticed in the USA and Great Britain. The countries have started to process the draught resolution of the UN Security Council approving application of force against a mode of Saddam Hussein. As has informed on Saturday AR on the condition of anonymity a source in diplomatic circles, in a new variant will not contain direct appeals to war.
we will remind that to the report in Security council on February, 15th this year about activity of the international inspectors in Iraq, the American and British diplomats declared that they prepare very rigid resolution approving military operation against Bagdad. Sources assert that Britain and the USA aspire to avoid application of the veto from France, Russia or China and consequently the new variant of the resolution will be processed.
can be created and such circumstances when the resolution will be withdrawn: diplomatically a course which should show that Britain and the USA intend to get United Nations support, but not at any cost. Analysts already specify that the similar situation has developed before bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999 when the resolution approving force application, has been withdrawn in the face of application of the veto by Russia.