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The budget expects gas attack

a connection Problem to gas networks of poor levels of population deputies of the Volgograd regional Duma on the video selector " have lifted in the end of the past week; an United Russia which spent Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin. As Irina Gusev, " has explained yesterday the deputy of a regional thought; at all meetings in rural areas of area ask the same question: money for connection to gas is not present . It also has put the deputy, having used a federal video aether. As she said, the question price in the Volgograd region - 70 - 120 thousand rbl. for one connection, and to very many people it is excessive . As a result federal heads have put a problem already to all country. ask deputies, governors to mean: it is your sphere of responsibility - Vladimir Putin has declared.

deputies already intend to present within the next few days some variants of decisions - free and preferential before crediting. Irina Gusev has explained yesterday that, according to preliminary data, it is a question of connection about 17,5 thousand apartments and home ownerships the next two years. for state employees, veterans, pensioners and others needy probably to provide free or preferential variants of connection. And for at whom means are, it is possible to provide credits on beneficial terms or with subsidising of the credit rate by the budget - the deputy believes.

we will remind that in 2011 the gasification program in region has been almost frozen. The reason as representatives " explained; Gazprom in the Volgograd region, there were big debts for gas and infringement from region of the schedule of synchronisation of building of gas objects in 2009 - 2010. But with occurrence in the list Volgograd an United Russia Victor Zubkov the candidate 1 in deputies of the State Duma had been accepted the accelerated program of gasification on 2011 - 2013 Gazprom The board of directors in which is headed by Victor Zubkov, yesterday has declared that is ready to enclose in this program 21 mlrd rbl., 9,9 more mlrd the regional treasury should find. Besides, according to preliminary data, to 3 mlrd rbl. it is necessary on finishing of gas to each house. Besides, in already installed gas settlements too there are people, and not connected to themselves gas. But in administration of the region yesterday quantity of such people have not specified.

in the Volgograd opposition consider not clear the decision of this problem at the expense of soft loans or budget money. In fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in regional Duma have reminded of already today`s problems of replenishment of the budget that this year the budget was not counted any more approximately 7 mlrd rbl. of expected incomes, that will entail underfinancing and formation of considerable accounts payable on the beginning of 2012 . Business - the project Gazprom of course, impresses... But why this commercial organisation if it so is baked about the population, simply not to invest in area? And unless the future consumers Gazprom in which he is interested, basically should pay for connection? As why the budget should pay for it is not clear also. It reminds rather fair way of withdrawal of money at the population . In other countries so does not become - the head of fraction of communists in regional Duma Nikolay Parshin has noticed.

the deputy of regional Duma Stanislav Korotkov ( Fair Russia ) Considers that the big loading it will be and for municipal budgets: All of them dotatsionnye, and after all the huge number of people needs the help. We will tell, I know that in farm Steppe Kalachevsky area from 30 houses which are subject to gasification, independently can pay only three - four. In settlement Komsomol the same area from 200 apartments twenty are solvent, at the best, .

But the head of regional Council of municipal unions Oleg Kersanov is convinced that budgeting of such social help logically and really .

As an example the expert results experience rukovodimogo it of Alekseevsky area, where already some years ago, without any command from above have introduced the municipal program with which help those who cannot pay at once, can take bezzalogovyj the credit in 50 thousand rbl. for five years, and percent on it are repaid by the municipal budget. Now to us it manages in 2 - 2,5 million rbl. a year, but every fourth has such help. Expenses will quickly pay off, because the installed gas objects will manage to the budget in 4 - 5 times more cheaply. The problem in general is far-fetched. Simply some our officials should move for a long time more actively .