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The pre-election psychiatry

In Ulyanovsk the poster with symbolics " has begun; an United Russia and the All-Russian popular front have placed on a building of psychiatric hospital. In medical institution, and also in regional branch of the party in power and ONF refuse authorship. The opposition does not intend to protest and says that the party in power poster hangs on the place.

in Ulyanovsk on a building of regional psychiatric hospital of a name of N.Karamzin local journalists have found out the poster an United Russia . Besides traditional symbolics of party, on the poster it is represented stylised a tick as a voting symbol, with an inscription the All-Russian popular front and endurances from the regional program of modernisation of public health services. Any inscriptions that poster placing is paid from selective fund an United Russia no. Blogery have there and then compared a situation to an old Soviet joke about the head physician psihbolnitsy which has got on plank beds that has hung up on the institution the slogan Lenin with us .

Who has hung out the poster, it is not known. The head physician psihbolnitsy Frants Piontkovsky has refused comments, having referred to employment. The director of medical institution Alexander Rodionov asserts that the poster hangs for a long time . Perhaps it also is made under the wing an United Russia but anything bad in it is not present, here again there is no propaganda. Look: in Ulyanovsk almost by each bus symbolics an United Russia - and anything. Such posters are on many hospitals that patients saw that waits public health services and that there is a modernisation program - the director has told.

it is remarkable that after local United Russia party members began to discuss the poster in a blog sphere, from its authorship otkrestilis. The party of it did not order, and propaganda as that there is not present. And if will find, those who has established " let answer; - the head of regional executive committee " has noted; an United Russia Vadim Andreev. Anything the bad poster in placing on a building psihbolnitsy he does not see and notices that regotdelenie do not intend to ask to remove a management of hospital it .

Responsible organizer ONF, the vice-president of regional Legislative Assembly Tamara Dmitriev also does not know, who could be the author of advertising. it not our initiative, someone has shown excessive independence. It is necessary to understand where to hang up - she has underlined.

in regional election committee have noticed that if the poster is placed on official body it is necessary to check up it and to study this question however any complaints in election committee about it did not arrive yet.

complaints from opposition they, apparently, will not wait. I consider that to all signs it is propaganda, but we will not complain in this case. Let an United Russia hangs there, where it to a place - the secretary of bureau of council regotdelenija " has told; Fair Russia Nikolay Doronin.

the chairman of inter-regional association of voters, to. ju. n. Andrey Buzin considers that the poster with symbolics an United Russia it is possible to consider as propaganda, however it can and not to be infringement if the hospital management has a permission of the regional government or Ministry of Health to propaganda placing. but in this case the administration is obliged to give walls of a building and for all other participants of elections - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and others - for placing of their propaganda materials - the expert has underlined.

the first secretary obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexander Kruglikov has told that The similar case already was as - that in Syzran when on elections of the mayor they have represented propaganda on catafalques and even if also to all parties the place on psihbolnitse even free of charge the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will not place propaganda there " will be given;.