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Steam-ships did not have not enough means for rescue

Investigatory management on transport has raised three criminal cases on the facts of illegal operation on the Voronezh water basin of passenger steam-ships “ Moscow - 16 “ M - 57 and the barge altered in floating cafe “ Skedija “. All vessels belong to Boris Gorohovsky, now they are sealed up. According to the investigation, on them “ in full or in part “ there were no saving means, and the licence for transportation of passengers was only at “ Moscow - 16 “. The Voronezh ship-owners notice that “ the market and so it is few “ and the rigid regulation connected with wreck of the steam-ship “ Bulgarija “ can destroy commercial passenger transportations on a city water basin.
on the facts of infringements at operation “ Moscow - 16 “ M - 57 and “ Skedii “ The Michurinsk investigatory department of the Moscow inter-regional investigatory management on transport of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation has raised three criminal cases on p.1 item 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of safety of life or health of consumers). As the senior inspector Vadim Limonov has told „“, on courts in full or in part there were no saving means, and the part from the available did not correspond to shown requirements, also there were no available register documents.

“ the licence for realisation of transportation of passengers is only at „Moscow - 16”, it is given out in 2008 and is valid till 2013 “ - Sergey Lysyh, the state inspector of Southern department Gosmorrechnadzora has added.

last week all three vessels have been sealed up: “ Moscow - 16 “ (1973 of release, capacity to 243 people, length of 38,2 m, a deposit of 0,97 m, width of 5,6 m, capacity of the engine of 300 l. With.) M - 57 (1957 of release, capacity to 143 people, length of 27,3 m, a deposit of 0,74 m, width of 5,1 m, capacity of the engine of 150 l. With.) And also the barge altered in floating cafe “ Skedija “ (characteristics are not established from - for absence of any documents). Now they are transferred to responsible storage to their owner - to Boris Gorohovsky. It yet is not the figurant of business, to contact the businessman yesterday it was not possible.

we Will remind that mass checks of floating transport have begun in Russia after wreck sunk during a whole gale on the Kuibyshev water basin on July, 10th a diesel engine - an electrocourse “ Bulgarija “. Then 122 persons were lost. In July the Voronezh transport Office of Public Prosecutor together with Southern management of Gosmorrechnadzora has checked up some local courts and has revealed variety of infringements on “ to Moscow - 16 “. By the decision of arbitration court of the Voronezh region from August, 31st IP Gorohovsky has been involved in administrative responsibility on ch. 3 items 14. 1 KoAP of the Russian Federation (realisation of enterprise activity with infringement of the conditions provided by the licence). It was offered to stop operation “ Moscow - 16 “ however, according to Vadim Limonova, then “ the owner of a vessel has not reacted to an interdiction “.

Licenses for realisation of passenger transportations on water in area are only at IP Gorohovsky (one vessel), Open Society “ Liskinsky port “ (one vessel), Verhnedonsky area of waterways and navigation (four vessels), IP Nagovitsyn (one vessel), MOU the PILLBOX “ Pavlovsk SJUT “ (one vessel). Thus illegally carry out passenger transportations in region, according to Southern management of Gosmorrechnadzora, about 20 courts.

in water area of the Voronezh water basin in 2011, according to regional transport Office of Public Prosecutor, carried out navigation the steam-ship “ the Albatross “ (belongs MOU the PILLBOX “ Palace of creativity of children and youth “) The steam-ship “ Hope “ (the steam-ship " belongs to Alexander Subbotin); the Elk “ (belongs to Verhnedonsky area of waterways and navigation) and the same “ Moscow - 16 “ M - 57 and the barge - cafe “ Skedija “ the mister Gorohovsky.

One of the Voronezh ship-owners, wished to remain not named, has expressed opinion that rigid sanctions can “ to stop on a root “ formation of the market of river passenger transportations in Voronezh. “ for example, one of requirements for transportation of passengers - presence of the dispatching regulation, thus the nearest control office from Voronezh is in Liskah. Who will build it in the regional centre? To some infringements, obviously formal, it would be possible to concern with understanding. If toughening of sanctions proceeds, passenger navigation in region will stop the existence “ - the interlocutor „“ summarised. Lawyer Stanislav Ryvkin considers that “ rigidity of the law at us is often compensated neobjazatelnostju its executions “ and wreck “ Bulgarii “ has forced supervising departments to operate on a law letter. “ however, frequently such criminal cases come to an end with nothing and stop silently or closed “ - the expert summarised.