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To the Voronezh Chamber theatre have looked after a new place

the New building of the Voronezh Chamber theatre with auditorium on 160 - 200 places can be constructed on a site to 1,7 thousand in sq. m behind a building - a monument the House of doctor Martynova have informed in the regional government. At present adaptation possibility " is considered also; Houses of Martynova under a part of premises of theatre - for this purpose the object should be issued in the regional property. Now in a building regional government of antimonopoly service is located. Adjoining to a site a shabby apartment house on six apartments, a site with several garages and cafe rokabu the area about 1,5 thousand in sq. m belong to the proprietor of a group of companies Robin - Sdobin to Alexander Gubarev. By data , it is not excluded that these objects will be involved in designing territory - then the total area of reconstruction and building will make about 3,5 thousand in sq. m. Negotiations with g - nom Gubarev are already conducted. The potential volume of investments in the project is not specified yet. Hudruk the Voronezh Chamber theatre Michael Bychkov has noticed that the minimum area of a new building should make not less than 2 thousand in sq. m having specified that now the Chamber theatre rents only 466 sq. m . Possible cost of building g - n Bull-calves to name also was at a loss, having noticed only that investments will be 10 times less cost of reconstruction of a historical building of dramatic theatre which, will remind, will make from above 1,2 mlrd rbl.

the Voronezh Chamber theatre is founded on March, 30th, 1993 by Council of People`s Deputies of the Voronezh region and Jugo - East railway. Rents a departmental premise in the right wing of Palace of culture of railwaymen with a hall on 100 places. Since January, 1st, 2003 the Chamber theatre has passed in department of management of culture of administration of the Voronezh region. Since November, 2009 is independent culture establishment. The constant troupe of theatre consists of 10 actors, plays about 180 performances in a year.