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We have seen dim, muffled game in Nalchik and class - in Himkah

28 - j round of the Championship of Russia on football is finished. In total it is played two matches. Spartak - Nalchik has conceded on the home field to the Locomotive - 1:2, and the Ruby has beaten the Dynamo - 2:0. Succession of events was watched by a sports observer FM Vladimir Osipov.
we have seen absolutely different two matches: dim, muffled game in Nalchik and class - in Himkah. Spartak - Nalchik which accepted railwaymen, has deserved if not a victory, then a drawn game. Owners very tried. But the magician, or the sorcerer, - the head coach Loko Jose Kousejru again left this madness with three points. Nalchik conducted 1:0. But at first unexpected distant blow of Glushakova, and then the roughest error spartakovskogo the goalkeeper - and the Locomotive wins 2:1.

It seems that such outcome has upset even commentators: the Locomotive it is close to winning. Though it is impossible to tell that it throughout all match as - that favoritizm and the superiority very strongly here showed the .

Absolutely other nerve was in a match the Dynamo - the Ruby . Game that is called, looked. The speeds, the dangerous moments. And. In the first time the Dynamo attacked more sharply. At times it was simply not clear, how the ball does not get to gate. Naturally, in this situation the first has hammered the Ruby . And as has hammered!

to the commentator Russia - 2 the Novel of Trushechkinu needed to admire only: the Most beautiful goal! Simply shaking on beauty - it is possible to Alexander Ryazantsev. Blow in a far corner. Anton Shunin " was powerless;.

However, the second ball with penal performed by Natho has caused not less emotions: the Most beautiful ball!!! Oh, what goal hammers in Natho! .

scandalous skirmish between players in a match ending has a little erased impression of game. But she already solved nothing. a ruby has won 2:0.

29 - j round of the Championship of Russia on football will begin this Thursday game Zenith - Volga . The key match will take place on Saturday. We are waited by a meeting of the Moscow commands Spartak - the Locomotive .