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The British deputies did not begin to appoint a referendum on membership in EU

Deputies of parliament of Great Britain on the night of October, 25th by a majority of votes have voted against referendum preparation about membership of the United Kingdom in the European Union. Meanwhile according to polls to 49 % of British would support an exit from EU if the referendum passed today.
the Government, last days calling deputies to reject a question on a referendum, including its untimely, present voting has won, however analysts say that results of today`s parliamentary debates testify to split in ruling Conservative party - for a referendum 111 deputies have voted, and, experts consider, conservatives among them was an order of 70 persons. The question on referendum prospect was lifted earlier by the deputy - conservative David Nattell. If deputies have approved the beginning of preparation for voting carrying out, the referendum could take place in May, 2013. To British would offer three variants: preservation the status - kvo, an exit from the European Union or serious reform of conditions on which Britain remains in EU. Against serious financial crisis in EU the British ministers have urged deputies to vote against, considering that the referendum during heavy times for Europe is inadmissible, transfers RIA News .