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the Office of Public Prosecutor is adjusted very rigidly

the Public prosecutor names punishment to which asks to sentence accused on the case of Egor Sviridov`s murder. Jurymen already recognised Aslan Cherkesova guilty. Protection is going to appeal against against a verdict in the Supreme court.
the Office of Public Prosecutor will sound today punishment for Aslan Cherkesova. Before the native of Nalchik jurymen recognised as guilty of Egor Sviridov`s murder. Fight in which result the fan " was lost; Spartaka has occurred in December of last year. Process on this business has caused special attention from the public.

on suspicion in Egor Sviridov`s murder six natives of the North Caucasus have been detained. At once in day of detention suspects have been released from - for shortages of proofs. Repeatedly participants of punishment arrested by turns. Two from them were started up in races, however have soon been detained by law enforcement bodies.

to the Main figurant has put Cherkesovu accusation under article " has been brought; murder from hooligan promptings . Preliminary hearings on Sviridov`s business have begun on July, 4th. On October, 20th Aslan Cherkesov has been recognised by guilty of a premeditated murder and not deserving indulgence.

Aslan Cherkesova nine jurymen from 12 recognised guilty. Its lawyer Dmitry Pankov has declared that the verdict will be appealed against in higher instance - the Supreme court.

still there will be performances and discussions of consequences of a verdict of qualification definitive, - the defender has promised. - the Office of Public Prosecutor is adjusted very negatively. Very rigidly. When the leader of the nation does certain statements, how the Office of Public Prosecutor of on - to another can conduct? Here already Circassians and its protection battle not to state charge, and practically with a state machinery. It is said that at Gasparjana a cut on the person. There is a bottle. What it was necessary to examine? Whether this tool causes a cut or not? Clearly, what not it. Therefore such examination was not spent .

the Dissatisfied party is satisfied by a verdict concerning Aslan Cherkesova. Egor Sviridov Yana Falaleeva`s widow has added that doubts sincerity of lawyers of the defendant.

it would be strange, if protection told another, - she has noted. - if you consider that it is possible to let out almost whole holder, these are 12 cartridges, and never to miss, and and, seven of these cartridges have got to a back, in a back part of bodies of victims if it is possible to name it self-defence it is everyone for itself solves. Aslan Magomedovich, really, has told that he repents in everything, but I did not make it . Therefore, of what the person repents, if it made nothing, I do not understand. All is equal to me, how many they will receive. I am am excited much more with a question that on a way of these people there was no any more a nobody`s husband, the nobody`s son, the nobody`s brother. The question only in that nobody is more from actions of these people has suffered .

Other five figurants of business accused of hooliganism and a tresspass to health, also are recognised by guilty.