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I so seldom speak, but business has collapsed

the Tver court on Tuesday will be engaged in business about December mass excitements in the centre of Moscow. The representative of state charge will sound terms as which he considers fair for figurants. Protection does not wait for indulgence from court and continues to insist that business is politized.
today in the Tver court will pass debate on the case of disorders on a Manezhnaya Square. As the first on them the representative of state charge will act. He names terms as which considers fair for defendants. Earlier the court has finished a consequence on this business. On last interrogations the unique witness has refused the indications. One of accused also has declared that did not accept participation in the organisation of disorders.

on December, 11th last year some thousand persons left on a Manezhnaya Square of Moscow. Gathered demanded objective investigation of murder of Egor Sviridov and strengthening of measures on struggle against ethnic criminality. The action has ended with disorders. According to the Moscow authorities in collisions with police 32 persons have suffered.

on suspicion in the organisation of disorders it has been arrested five persons: active workers of association Other Russia Igor Berezjuk, Cyril Unchuk and Ruslan Hubaev, and also Leonid Panin and Alexander Kozevin. They are accused of appeals to mass riots, hooliganism, hatred or enmity excitation, application of violence concerning the representative of the power and involving of the minor in commission of crime. In the end of August one more suspect - Nikolay Dvojnikov has been arrested. Its business will be considered later.

charge Protection noticed time and again that process is completely politized. Therefore from court it is not necessary to wait for indulgence, the lawyer of one of accused Dmitry Agranovski has told.

I think that charge will ask terms big enough, - the lawyer believes. - I think that in any way less than five years. I so seldom speak, but business has collapsed. I ascertain it. The public prosecutor will support charge in full volume. Because this business has political character. It also has begun with concrete absolutely instructions that - levoradikaly and that is concrete figures Other Russia . And it directly contradicts not only the European convention, but also in general to principles of a presumption of innocence. Because one business if it is people on a shop discuss. And another matter when it is officials make statements. These statements reflect not their personal point of view, and the point of view of state structures .

As the witness in court head " also acted; Other Russia Edward Limonov. He demanded to deny statements of officials, that disorders have organised the left radical organisations .