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In the Air bus the kitchen

Physicians smoked have examined all passengers of air bus 320 which has under abnormal condition sat down at the Perm airport Big Savino on Tuesday, serious consequences as a result of incident it is noted, informs a press - service of the Ural investigatory management on transport SKR. According to crewmen, smoke blanketing in a tail part of the plane, namely in kitchen branch became the reason of a crash landing of the aircraft. Stewards of an air bus have informed on a current situation to the commander of the aircraft who has made the decision on crash landing fulfilment at the nearest airport - it is told in the message.

according to the investigation, now all passengers of the plane are in the international sector of the airport Big Savino . The part from them is supposed to be placed in local hotels, the others to direct additional flights to the planned destination.

Passenger air bus 320 of airline Lufthansa following from Ekaterinburg to Frankfurt, at 7:25 local time (5:25 Moscow time) has crash-landed at the Perm airport Big Savino . Onboard there were 116 passengers and 6 crewmen. Nobody has suffered.

as it was informed a wound referring to the preliminary data of the Perm airport and the Ural investigatory management on transport SKR, the decision on a crash landing was accepted in connection with smoke blanketing in a cabin of the pilot. Smoke blanketing was revealed, when the plane flied over the city of Kirov.