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Levichev the Chairman of the party " has supported cancellation of examinations in high schools

; Fair Russia Nikolay Levichev has declared on October, 25th that entrance examinations in the Russian high schools should be cancelled from - for difficult demographic situations. In its opinion, incapable of training will be eliminated after the first session.
taking into account that demographic hole in which we slip, we in general would suggest to cancel entrance examinations and would accept in high schools without examinations. In France, for example, it justifies itself. At us a considerable quantity of high schools, and students becomes less, we had not to face a problem as in France where the student at the first year listens to lecture standing. At us and now all were located - mister Levichev in RIA interview " has told; News . The Chairman of the party has explained that already at the first session will be eliminated those who is not capable . there would be such natural selection. We would not deprive of possibility our young generation to receive free of charge higher education - Nikolay Levichev has added. He also has noticed that esery always opposed Unified State Examination. Unified State Examination introduction in any kind, in any form, with any ostensibly improvements as unique means of possibility the schoolboy to continue the education in a higher educational institution, will appear fatal for the country. Therefore we were, is and we will be categorically against Unified State Examination as such universal form - the leader eserov has told.