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Sobjanin has actually untied hands to inhabitants of Moscow

the capital Authorities simplify the coordination of re-planning of apartments and create standard projects which at all is not required to be co-ordinated. Townspeople have concerned news with suspicion: the decision is accepted on the threshold of elections, subsequently norms can toughen.
the government of Moscow will accept today the decision which will strongly simplify life that who has decided to carry houses qualitative out repairs. The re-planning coordination will cease to be purgatory for citizens and a feeding trough for the corrupted officials, confirm in the mayoralty. The corresponding commission still was given one month ago by Sergey Sobjanin.

in the Coordination of the project of re-planning only Moszhilinspektsija now will be engaged. In the organisation have already prepared typical plans of alterations which at all will not demand coordination. Alexander Tushkin tried to change a lay-out of typical apartment, but after visit of the inspector has been compelled to leave all as was.

to co-ordinate re-planning in Moscow it is very difficult, - the Muscovite tells. - has put at all in bribes, and that the law has been very strange designed. And many positions in it of various housing projects treated on - to a miscellaneous. And consequently 99 % of all re-plannings in Moscow do illegally. Here my situation: I took down a partition. To me the representative of a management company has come and has written out the instruction in which it was said that I should restore it or pay the penalty. I have decided not to quarrel with bodies. And it has established. Simply Sobjanin, having passed of this law, has actually untied hands to inhabitants of Moscow. They can do everything in own apartment that will want .

In the Moscow mayoralty assert, it is required what now to co-ordinate only those changes which will affect durability of the house or on its historical shape. The chairman of Committee of the deceived shareholders Anton Beljakov is assured that this populist decision of the capital government is dated for future elections.

There is an intrigue, - he argues. - all - taki the government of Moscow will definitively go on the way debjurokratizatsii. Also will involve thus votes on forthcoming elections. Or will go by the way of increase in the budget at the expense of gathering from all who has broken the re-planning legislation. While early to rejoice. Most likely, we will receive a certain hybrid uzha with a hedgehog. At first - certain visual simplifications, but in further with a high share of probability all - taki strengthening of struggle against the carried out illegal re-plannings, and therefore, mad penalties and budget replenishment .

Till now such changes in apartment, as a balcony glass cover, replacement sanitary technicians, installation of the television aerial, carrying over of a gas cooker from one place on another and, for example, replacement of a parquet by a laminate were subject to the obligatory coordination with the authorities.