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to the Government of Great Britain of important referendum not to suppose

the Referendum concerning an exit of Britain from the European Union will not be - the parliament of the country has not supported the offer of conservatives. Observers do not exclude that if voting all - taki has taken place, the majority of British would support an exit from EU.
the British parliament has rejected the offer to hold a referendum concerning an exit of the country from the European Union. for have voted only 111 of almost 600 deputies. With the referendum offer the group of representatives of ruling Conservative party has acted. Its leader, the prime minister - minister David Cameron, has asked the supporters to reject the bill. As a result turncoats from conservatives 80 persons were typed nearby. Own correspondent has informed on it FM in London Andrey Ostalsky.

Powerful enough fraction in Conservative party which considers that Great Britain should or weaken sharply the communications with the European Union, to cease to submit to many European instructions, or in general to leave this organisation, - he has told. - and it, by the way, very popular position in Great Britain. All question that if such referendum has taken place it is quite probable that the majority of British would act in support of a position of eurosceptics. It quite could happen. For this reason to the government of important referendum not to suppose .

However the president of the company of expert consultation the Neogame Michael Hazin, considers that the moment for referendum carrying out would be as it is impossible successful.

I do not exclude that those people who are responsible for a policy, are inclined to hold a referendum right now, - Hazin marks. - While the exit theme in Britain is not very popular yet that British have voted against that then this question did not arise. Because I do not exclude that if to it will return in, say, two years will be more wishing to leave the European Union. And consequently the referendum is better for spending at once then to explain that the decision is already accepted .

Before voting in parliament deputies - to supporters of a referendum managed to collect more than 100 thousand signatures of British.