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It has fallen

on November, 9th failure start of the Russian interplanetary station " has ended; a Fobos - the Ground which should bring to the Earth samples of a ground from the companion of Mars a Fobos. The device from - for engine malfunctions could not leave on a flight trajectory to Mars and remained in a circumterraneous orbit. Russian Space Department declares that a Fobos - the Ground still it is possible to rescue, however independent experts assert that the station is lost and after a while will fall to the ground. This start became the fourth Russian failure this year. In absolute expression the antirecord of 1996 is repeated, and in relative (16 % of all starts were emergency) 2011 became the worst in the history of the Russian astronautics. However, the space branch while still has chance to be corrected: it is till the end of the year planned eight more starts and if all of them pass successfully 2011 - j becomes the second worst year from 12,1 % of failures (see the table). It is remarkable that the previous interplanetary expedition has ended in the same way: in 1996 station Mars - 96 could not leave on a Martian trajectory and has fallen to the ground.

history of space starts in Russia
* to a condition for November, 10th.

** the forecast.