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The course Luzhkov

Yury Luzhkov has returned on November, 8th from Europe to Russia on November, 15th to be on interrogation in investigatory department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. (The former mayor passes the witness on a sensational case of Bank of Moscow.) As Luzhkov in rozdannyh after an arrival of numerous interviews has declared, he realises that in an office of the inspector can turn in accused with the subsequent forwarding to a pre-trial detention centre, however on interrogation is not afraid to go: There are no lawful bases for a presentation to me charges. I am going to answer all asked questions fairly. To me it nothing to hide . However test is necessary not only to it, but also its main opponent - to Dmitry Medvedev, after last year`s quarrel with which at Luzhkov and problems have begun. Therefore in translation into Russian its returning means that the president has appeared before rather unpleasant choice: or to put the former town governor, or to leave all as is. In the first case of so severe punishment for so system (let and in the past) the bureaucracy which is obliged by much to the former mayor can not understand the person: Luzhkov allocated officials with the Moscow apartments in prestigious areas (here again not an exception even the nearest environment of the president). And in the second case of the president already usual citizens will not understand. Because after all charges from the authorities and all exposures on the central television (for example, after the documentary trilogy on NTV Business in a cap and its continuations the Witness in a cap left on October, 30th) the former mayor under the genre law is time for planting already, and under the Russian law - at least to get criminal case.