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the Company Askona wanted to accustom consumers to that the mattress can be bought in grocery shop from the house. The plan has not worked. But the company of the first in the market has found the foreign strategic investor and has built the network of the goods largest in Russia for a dream.

that the general at a mattress, for example, with a cud and cigarettes? Both that and another can be the goods of pulse demand. At least, so argued in the Vladimir company Askona ( Council of Federation N6/ 2009). Three years ago the largest Russian manufacturer of mattresses has developed special model which was packed into boxes and in a trading floor took as much places, as a beer box. A novelty began to deliver in hypermarkets Ashan . On turn there were negotiations with shops at the house.

however the goods of pulse demand the mattress and did not become: at market growth on 15 % a year, sales in hypermarkets increased only by 5 %. Buyers follow mattresses in specialised shops where they can receive competent consultation, touch production - the chief executive of the company " explains; Askona the Novel Ershov as a whole the obvious fact. Development of specialised shops Askona also was engaged. In their 2009 at it was 30 (fifty-fifty own and franchajzingovyh). For two years it has opened 120 shops and 70 under the franchise.

according to the director of wholesales of the company the Consul the Novel of Knude, own retail is developed by all large manufacturers, however, increasing a network so fast rates, Askona strongly risks: These are serious investments, and it is not known, whether they as demand in crisis is a little predicted " can pay off;. Moreover, since August of last year till February present Askona has spent 140 million rbl. On advertising on federal television: on the First channel TNT and STS.

Money for risking, at Askony have appeared in the summer 2010 - go when 51 % of the company were got by the largest European manufacturer of mattresses Hilding Anders, by estimations, for $100 million It is the unique similar transaction in the Russian market. Except the finance Askona has received from the partner possibility to buy raw materials more cheaply. The cost price of its mattresses has decreased on 7 %.

the Risk is justified. According to Ershov, a gain Askony for two years has increased twice - to 6 mlrd rbl., and the share in the market reaches 37 %. Recently foreign shareholder has entrusted Russians opening of shops under brand Hilding Anders. In them marks Andre Renault, Bicoflex, Jensen, earlier not presented to Russia will be on sale. In April there were three similar shops - in Moscow, Samara and Rostov-on-Don. Before retail Hilding Anders worked only in one country of the world - China.