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Dismiss the PR managers, the basic megaphone of the company - the owner and the general director

the Familiar businessman has asked one of these days, why I spend so a lot of time on PR - activity. On what I have answered it: While we with you sit at restaurant, here there came NTV film crew - I left for five minutes and we have removed the small stand - ap. And on the way back I have given the comment by phone to the printing edition .

Dialogue with journalists occupies from me three hours per week which give me three - four exits in a body - and airs and some more in printing mass-media. Agree, a quite good parity of the spent efforts and result. I do not contain staff of PR managers and for all life have not let out any a press - release. Information activity of the large companies is poor, it looks as cheap pohvalba: we have let out one million tons of pig-iron or have opened the three-100-th shop . To whom is it interesting? Dismiss the PR managers. The basic megaphone of the company - the owner and the general director. All. No writing girls and a press - service are necessary. Tell about the business - anybody better you does not know it. Discuss problems which are interesting to your colleagues. Also do not hesitate of that you are tongue-tied or speak a floor-mat - here just journalists will correct it in the texts.

many businessmen do not want publicity: they are afraid to turn in the priest - stars. Be not afraid. I four times autographed, but each time undersigned in a photo of actor Michael Porechenkova. In the underground it seems to people that I am similar to it. I hope, Misha will forgive me that has appropriated its laurels, - did not want to destroy dream of its admirers. Whether

I have received preferences for the business? I will tell so: officials became less borzet. Hardly there is more than year back at my office passed a search, have taken out from it all. The reason was ridiculous: The consequence had bases to believe that in my premise there are firm documents to which I have no relation. This firm passed on any criminal case. That day I should go on an aether finam FM so it was necessary to write to editor SMS: I cannot, at me a search . Reaction was instant: at least five editions have made an inquiry in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and next day have written about incident. Checks any more was not, on business of that ill-fated firm in OVD me any more did not cause. The public status is a quite good protection against small troubles though, judging by experience of some disgraced businessmen, hardly will rescue from serious problems.

what for then it is necessary PR, you ask? The answer is simple: this display of a civic stand. By means of mass-media it is necessary to advance idea of business that the tribe of businessmen grew and it was multiplied. In 20 years oil will end - by then we should learn to make the goods and services. When in Russia there will be businessmen a cart and the small cart then also the political system will change. The power should talk and agree with tysjachju potapenko, instead of with five large corporations which saw wood and extort oil.