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DIY - ritejleru Strojdepo has not too carried on start: crisis, losses, problems with suppliers, positioning change. However today on rates of increase the network twice overtakes the market. Such speed whence undertook?

greetings, my name is Ivan. I can tell how to execute electroarc welding . Simple-minded muzhichok in a helmet offers clients of a network Strojdepo virtual consultations on a site. The logo with the same character hangs and on a signboard of shops.

but to many buyers neither this logo, nor the name Strojdepo about what do not speak. In - the first, the project concerning young - the first hypermarket has appeared in December, 2006. Besides, in megacities of such shops is not present: the network opens points in cities with the population 200 - 500 thousand persons (Izhevsk, Tula, Kirov and etc.) .

Meanwhile the owner of the company Grigory Kozhemjakin - the person, well-known in market DIY (Do It Yourself). It is the co-owner of group Neks (it posesses shops interernyh decisions Old man Hottabych ) . Strojdepo - its first solo project. Hottabych develops not bad - the company is included into a top - 20 Russian DIY - ritejlerov (4 mlrd gain rbl. in 2011), and here at Strojdepo the difficult childhood was obviously tightened. For six years Grigory Kozhemjakin has twice replaced the general director, then year itself was at the helm. During any moment even thought of closing the company.

but today to rates of a gain of a gain Strojdepo can envy and large players. According to the general director of agency Infoline - Analytics Michael Burmistrova, in 2011 in comparison with 2010 - m market DIY has grown on 20,3 %, and a turn Strojdepo has increased more than by 45 %. It appears, escaping from accident, it is possible to be dispersed not bad.

to break and build
For the sample Strojdepo Kozhemjakin took the French network Brico Depot is diskaunter for builders - professionals. A similar format in Russia yet was not. Today at Strojdepo eight hypermarkets the area 5 - 6 thousand in sq. m, assortment - 10 - 12 thousand positions. For comparison: at Leroy Merlin and Castorama - nearby 30 - 40 thousand positions, at OBI - 60 thousand But unlike other players an assortment basis Strojdepo (to 40 %) make building, instead of finishing materials. In the shops issued without a delicacy, even the special not heated zone is allocated - here it is possible to call in on the car, to ship a brick, cement. we kontsept is so-called hard DIY, he does not assume a decor and furniture wide choice - Kozhemjakin explains. So as competitors in the company consider even not other networks, and the building markets and bases.

to the crisis beginning when buildings have risen, at Strojdepo already there were six shops. General director Dmitry Timanov of that time has made an attempt to transform a network from hard DIY to softer kontsept. It has expanded group of finishing materials, has added chandeliers, to the sanitary technician. Marketing researches showed that the decor is really necessary to the market. in this decision there was a logic. If the most part of building projects is stopped, it is necessary to be guided by the private buyer. But it was that case when theoretically correct idea could lead to business crash - the partner believes consulting - the centre the Step Love of Gorbunova.

Grigory Kozhemjakin who at that time did not accept active participation in management, considers maneuver unsuccessful: Change kontsepta has led to change of an internal lay-out is was an error. Instead of trading, we were engaged some months in reconstruction of shops . By data SPARK - Interfax in 2008 the network gain made 720 million rbl., and a loss - 97 million rbl. next year the gain has increased by 180 million rbl., and losses - twice. 2009 - j till now I remember with a shiver, - Kozhemjakin admits. - It was not clear that to do further, in what direction to develop a network . It has already mentally closed the company and has said goodbye to it, at last having gone to look at the shops. It has amazed that hypermarkets stand thin, on many goods the tablet " hangs; Sale but actions are not advertised in any way. After a trip of the owner employees have made on a knee handbills, have carried them on houses, and even this simple action has led to gain growth. Kozhemjakin has understood that not all is lost, it is necessary to come back to former positioning. Also has decided to give to the project magic acceleration . With carrying out of changes it was helped by old partners from consulting - the centre the Step .

the Owner has replaced a command and in 2010 for the first time has employed the managing director not from outside. Konstantin Vinokurov worked as the financial director Strojdepo when it have appointed the chief executive, and then and general. Commercial director Vsevolod Kudelin has left in due time from Old man Hottabycha also has had time to work as the head of a direction in Leroy Merlin when Kozhemjakin has suggested it to pass in Strojdepo . In total in the company it was replaced six top - managers. As remembers Ljubov Gorbunova, first people were afraid to make the incorrect decision, some tested shyness in the presence of the owner. But have quickly accustomed. As for a year it should be made a network profitable.

blow at the prices and deficiency
If we position ourselves as diskaunter, it was necessary to show accurately audiences that in Strojdepo the low prices - the director for marketing Olga Trofimova tells. And to hold really low prices, it is necessary regularly monitorit the prices in shops of competitors. In the company in it were engaged and earlier - once a month or quarter, but in work the information almost did not use. Moreover, to figures not always trusted: and suddenly competitors sell the rests at below cost price or the researcher has confused something? On finding-out time left.

in 2010 for good reason undertook seriously. Monitoring began to spend weekly - according to Vsevoloda Kudelina so in market DIY almost nobody does. Employees go to the chosen shops Strojdepo . It is necessary to estimate at least 1000 positions, therefore the knowledge of nuances of the building goods helps researchers. If the seller investigated all the day another`s shops, he will answer with skill to buyers that they are cheaper already anywhere will not find - Grigory Kozhemjakin considers.

the Main innovation - by results of price monitoring in shops Strojdepo now change every week. In the company have developed rules how much the price for each group of the goods should be below floor price of the competitor. Shops which carry out monitoring, send reports together with the price recommendations kategorijnym to managers. The kategorijnyj manager confirms the prices, and the commercial director then checks them. According to Kudelina, the company is going to give to shops of more independence - today some establish the prices.

one more painful point - work with commodity stocks. During crisis on regiments Strojdepo were formed holes And not only because suppliers refused to co-operate from - for non-payments. Purchasers were guilty also. In the company there is a computer program: she analyzes history of sales, the rests and automatically suggests the manager to order certain quantity of each article. But such approach works, when the statistics is typed, sales are stable, and the assortment does not change. Otherwise with party volume it is possible to miss. In Strojdepo could not brag of stability of sales, from - for it miscalculations with orders were inevitable.

to debug procedure, have decided that the autoorder will be only a reference point, managers should analyze sales and the rests. For each group of the goods have defined standard oborachivaemost. For the goods with high oborachivaemostju recommended to do stocks approximately for a month, for the others - for a week - one and a half. Theoretically work simple, but it was hard to execute it, considering that among the personnel much not skilled beginners, besides on the new goods, including seasonal, are difficult to plan purchases. But, seemingly, all has turned out. According to Konstantin Vinokurova when the company was engaged in this problem, in shops was about 1,5 thousand absent positions. To the middle of 2011 of those it was less than 200, and not topovye the goods. By data SPARK - Interfax the period of a turn of stocks in Strojdepo it was reduced since 142 days in 2009 to 91 days in 2010 - m.

The role control strengthening over suppliers has played also. Their number has grown with 190 to 250. To force partners to carry out contracts in time, have decided to apply penal sanctions. at us and earlier in contracts such measures have been stipulated, is never simple we them used - Vinokurov tells. The size of penalties depends on volume of deliveries, approximately 30 - 40 companies should be punished for short shipments. partners react painfully, nevertheless it well disciplines - the general director summarises.

the trade engine
Despite a difficult financial situation, in Strojdepo did not begin to save on advertising. it was essentially important decision for us - Vinokurov considers. Subsequently calculation has appeared true. But it was necessary to choose the most effective methods of advancement.

in the company in due time have tried different formats of promotion actions. For example, were convinced that coupons at a discount on the following purchase not too well work. having studied own results, actions of competitors, we have understood that for DIY is better to use commodity advertising with specific proposals, - Olga Trofimova tells. - Have decided to let out the advertising newspaper as it does the majority of players . According to Vsevoloda Kudelina, the greatest experience as regards the edition of similar catalogues has OBI. The network usually publishes the list of the goods In each release at the attractive price, and the offer is limited on time.

but the devil, as usual, disappeared in details: what should be the newspaper, its circulation, how many offer the goods? All 2010 in Strojdepo experimented a format. For example, have found out that at each stage of repair (draught, painting and decorating, etc.) The buyer is interested in a certain set of the goods, and if the goods are not presented to actions for all stages, a part of clients to shop will not come. Other question - how many positions to advance? Have tried variants from three to 120, at last have decided that is optimum - 80 - 100.

the Newspaper is let out by once a month, it is high speed for DIY, besides three are involved in preparation - four departments. At first managers choose the goods, study history of their sales. Then it is necessary to define the price, for this purpose some times carry out monitoring of competitors. each release of the newspaper we prepare a minimum two and a half a month. Selection of some goods for the action we begin even earlier. For example, we carry on negotiations with suppliers under actions the next year " in the autumn; - Olga Trofimova tells.

Total circulation of the edition (on all cities where there are shops Strojdepo ) Makes about 1 million copies, that is the newspaper is received by every third family in cities where there is a network. By words Trofimovoj, expenses beat off: each release gives a gain of visitors on 30 - 35 %, and the share of sales of positions from the newspaper brings more than 20 % of a turn of the company. there were months when the gain like - for - like made to 100 % to previous - Grigory Kozhemjakin speaks. As he said, in 2010 in comparison with 2009 - m the company gain has increased by 64 % (by data SPARK - Interfax in 2010 the company turn made 1,5 mlrd rbl.) .

Motive to a survival
But, perhaps, the main task of heads - to convince employees that plans on gain doubling for a year - two not a utopia. we have shown to people the calculations, - Konstantin Vinokurov tells. - If on regiments there is no third of goods - here they, 30 % of our gain. If at us the lowest price, it can increase a turn by 20 %. A good advertising campaign - plus of 15 %. So, on hardly - hardly it is possible to extend and 100 - a percentage gain .

Certainly, people have believed not at once. But plans of sales have built in steps that the personnel had time to be convinced of their feasibility. Besides employees zamotivirovali on result, having entered a variable part of the salary (to 30 %). And when introduced new procedures (for example, price monitoring) appointed monthly bonuses for accurate following to rules of their performance - 10 % of a salary. At last, among shops have organised competitions - who will sell in comparison with the former results more. The hypermarket personnel - the winner the managing director - the car received the award.

as a result last year the company practically left in a zero, and this year plans to get profit. I consider that in 2011 we have worked on chetverochku, - Grigory Kozhemjakin summarises. - it was possible, of course, and better. But a command young, anybody did not operate networks earlier. Besides absence of experience sometimes is useful: people are not afraid to make mistakes, to recognise them, to correct .

In 2012 Strojdepo is going to open at once five shops (on money of the owner plus the Savings Bank credit). Besides, heads of a network reconsider assortment, plan to develop own trade marks. Probably, teenage period will appear for the company more successful, than the difficult childhood.