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In bank only girls

Bank we Will go! has started unusual experiment. He has refused from an inner sanctum of retail bank — skoringovoj systems. Instead of it borrowers are estimated by women with rich life experience. As a result the portfolio of credits promptly grows, and delay level — one of the lowest.

the unshaven man of average years breathes peregarom on Julia Dmitrachenkovu, the financial adviser of bank we Will go! in Kronstadt. The girl screws up the face. Having noticed its discontent, the man leaves in a corridor and waits, while Julia prepares the contract on the loan of 5 thousand rbl. Never it sober saw, a state of mind at it such - Dmitrachenkova laughs. However, it does not prevent to be to it one of the regular customers, borrowing money to the salary. The man though drinks, but pays tick accurately.

what I will do, if behind the credit the visitor released from jails comes? To understand, for what sat, under what article - Julia argues. 35 - summer Dmitrachenkova - one of the best credit managers of bank we Will go! (enters into the financial group created by Probusinessbank Lajf ) In Severo - the Western region. She talks heart-to-heart to each visitor who has addressed for the loan, and accepts in day nine - ten decisions on delivery of credits and two - three - about refusal.

unlike traditional retail banks in we Will go! is not present skoringovoj the system automatically estimating borrowers. Decisions on delivery of loans independently accept women - advisers. Similar practice is not present in one of the Russian retail banks. Thanks to such approach the bank from sixth hundred credit institutes of the Russian Federation for one and a half year has risen on 67 - e a place on size of a portfolio of consumer credits.

credit of trust
Bank we Will go! (works under a brand Bureau of financial decisions we Will go! ) The express train - Probusinessbank crediting, today at it 198 offices in 31 region has grown from department. The chairman of the board we Will go! Natalia Stolpovsky is convinced that skoringovye systems - the tool imperfect. Any bank is interested in a difference between incomes and expenses of the person - the sum what the borrower can direct on credit service. However regions Russian Federations strongly differ and on level of incomes of the population, and on structure of expenses. if we took skoringovuju the system which has been adjusted to Tyumen, and would began to count in it credit limits for Buryatiya could not give out any credits - speaks Stolpovsky.

In we will go! have thought up other model: all decisions on delivery of loans are accepted by people. A problem of the adviser - razgovorit the client. During conversation financial position of the person and the purpose of reception of the credit become more clear, than after studying of questionnaires. For example, the person has lost work, the data about delay has got to bureau of credit stories. And though it has quickly found a new place, usual bank to it for certain will refuse. In we Will go! it has a chance.

conversations of advisers with clients partly influence and return of credits. So, the borrower usually perceives traditional bank as the depersonalized car, and her not a sin and to deceive. In we Will go! he sees the live person who trusts it, and it is inconvenient for bringing. I always in the conversation beginning let know to the borrower that the decision I accept itself, instead of the computer or any other people - Julia Dorofeyev operating office " tells; we Will go! in a barrow, in the past the leader of the program the Parliamentary bulletin on local television. know, what they grateful! - Julia Dmitrachenkova confirms. - One client who has served time, has obtained at me the credit for two years, and has then got into Crosses. Already in a pre-trial detention centre it has issued the power of attorney on the brother that that brought for it payments .

Thus rates in we Will go! - one of the highest. For example, loan cost for urgent needs of 60 thousand rbl. for two years is equal 87 % (43,5 % annual), and an overpayment for three-monthly mini - the credit of 15 thousand rbl. will make 15,6 % of the sum (62,4 % annual).

Shershe lja fam
on a post of credit managers we Will go! essentially employs only women. Natalia Stolpovsky explains: the financial adviser should come into contact to the client that that has agreed to discuss frankly very personal

questions, moreover and connected with money. The best employee - the woman 27 - 35 years with having appearance, interest to people, with solid life experience, including overcomings of difficulties. So, Julia Dmitrachenkova worked as the teacher - the tutor in Military school, then the social worker in the rehabilitation centre for invalids earlier. after dialogue with seriously ill patients people it is easy to me to find common language with my present clients - Julia speaks.

the second condition - absence of experience in banks. At bank clerks in blood the haughty relation to the client, considers Stolpovsky. If we take five persons, say, from the Russian standard would receive at itself the same the Russian standard . We do not want it - Natalia explains.

the first ladies` office under a signboard Lajf the Probusinessbank has opened in 2006 in Angarsk (Irkutsk region), then offices have appeared in other areas. By 2009 the number of offices has come nearer to 80. Then heads of Probusinessbank have decided to unite them in the separate bank specialising on consumer crediting. In the end of 2009 - go group Lajf has bought in Novosibirsk Investment city bank (IGB), liquidated its corporate business and has attached to available 13 branches IGB all offices Lajf . In the end of 2010 IGB has been renamed in we Will go! on offices Lajf there was a similar signboard.

a women`s team selected in some stages. In the beginning of 2010 on Novosibirsk TV channels, in newspapers and the Internet there were announcements: the Financial company invites thinking women with the higher education, tired of routine and wishing to test on interesting, creative work. Bank experience is not required . For two weeks of the resume have sent 16,5 thousand townswomen, beginning from students and finishing grandmothers. After primary elimination personnel officers have spent 7,5 thousand interviews. To solving test - collective selection day - have invited 1,5 thousand candidates. They solved logic problems, and to each participant it was necessary not only to find the answer, but also to prove its correctness in group that colleagues have chosen its speaker. As a result for work have accepted 48 women. Today in we Will go! 900 financial advisers work already.

a consequence conduct
to Receive in we Will go! the credit so difficultly as at us, thus that ours skoringovaja the system is adjusted very angrily - chairman of board of directors Altajenergobanka Sergey Vostrikov considers. About 55 % addressed in Altajenergobank behind the consumer credit are refused. In we Will go! the similar statistics: from 15 interviews in day the adviser approves eight credits (47 % of refusals) though at bank is not present obviously otkaznyh Borrowers, except the unemployed.

each potential client the financial adviser we Will go! carefully checks. At first punches it on internal base of group Lajf it contains almost 10 million contacts. If the person when - or made an application on the loan, obtained credits in one of seven banks of group Lajf or was the guarantor or the contact person, it will be known. Then the applicant check on bases of three bureaus of credit stories with which co-operates we Will go! . At last, the adviser asks contacts of its relatives, chiefs or other persons which can make to it the recommendation from the client.

conversation with the client proceeds 15 - 60 minutes. The best advisers we Will go! - real masters of deduction. often I do not need for anybody to call to understand that the borrower conceals something, - Julia Dorofeyev speaks. - I only ask it questions which he does not wait . Or, say, the person has specified phone of the personnel officer, and the adviser has asked contacts of the chief. It is found out that the client does not come to work some days, it is threatened with dismissal.

that advisers developed the insight, the bank has developed special system of motivation. So, the employee gets wages in the form of percent from the operational income which brings a portfolio of the credits approved by it. The income of the best experts we Will go! three times exceeds the salary of their colleagues in other banks. For errors of girls too punish rouble: they do not receive any bonuses from the outstanding or delayed client payments. Thus the employee can count on so-called the guaranteed minimum the salaries which size depends on region (for example, in the Perm area - 14,7 thousand rbl., in Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region - 33,4 thousand rbl.) . However, in nine months of work the guaranteed minimum reduce twice that the employees who are very cautious with delivery of loans, left bank.

in 2007 offices Lajf the wave of non-returns has overflowed: employees participated in roguish schemes. Many then have dismissed, speaks Stolpovsky. To exclude abusings, in we Will go! have created monitoring service. In it five employees call - the centre which carry out secondary contact to the clients who have obtained the credit work. About their work Stolpovsky has refused to speak not to open nou - hau bank. In bank there is also other supervising structure - credit - analytical department from 200 persons. As a matter of fact it is security service, but unlike other banks its problem - not to collect problem debts, and to prevent their occurrence. When the adviser gives out the credit, these controllers do not interfere.

But as soon as there is a first delay, they analyze the borrower and search for the errors admitted by the adviser. As well as advisers, controllers receive percent from a portfolio of the given out credits (usually in security service banks receive a share from volume of the collected debts).

With the problems controllers, seemingly, consult. Today delay (level of non-returns) at we Will go! to measures of retail bank modest enough - 6,1 % of a credit portfolio, it is better, than at competitors with skoringovymi systems. For comparison: at Houm the credit end finans bank (HKF bank) delay for March, 1st, 2012 made 13,8 %, at hi-tech the Russian standard - 9,8 % of a credit portfolio. It is less only at superconservative Tinkoff credit systems (TKS - bank) - 4 %.

the Syndrome of the ex-husband
Today we Will go! grows by leaps and bounds: From January, 1st, till March, 1st 2012 - go its credit portfolio has grown on 873,1 %, and with 209 - go places in the Russian Federation on volumes of crediting of physical persons the bank has risen on 67 - e. Nevertheless at ladies` bank there are some basic problems.

at the human factor, according to vice-president TKS - Oleg Anisimov`s bank, two minuses. The first - some managers are unduly trustful and give out loans bad to clients. The second minus - many inspectors, on the contrary, refuse to good clients. And the bank receives less profit.

at we Will go! just the second case: the bank is now anxious by high level of refusals. In the spring of 2010, when group Lajf anew restarted bank in Novosibirsk, the share of refusals reached 65 %, Natalia Stolpovsky remembers. Now at new offices with not skilled advisers the number of refusals makes 50 %, and in an ideal it should not exceed 20 - 25 %.

Heads we Will go! demand, that the manager explained to the client the reason of the negative decision. I always speak to advisers: girls, a unique case when you have the right to refuse without an explanation, it when you do not understand the reason. Perhaps, the client is similar to the ex-husband, therefore neosoznanno causes negative emotions. Actually it means that you have not understood the client up to the end. Such cases should not be more than 5 % from all refusals - Natalia speaks.

the chief of department of an estimation of retail risks HKF of bank Evgenie Ivanov considers what to lower level of refusals to desirable 20 - 25 % we Will go! hardly it will be possible - for this purpose it is necessary to approach to rates more flexibly. At HKF - bank percent of approval on consumer credits above, than at we Will go! - 60 % because rates are counted skoringovaja by system which analyzes the borrower on tens parametres. Skoring allows to operate flexibly the prices, without it we would refuse to the client, and the system will simply offer it more expensive product - Ivanov explains. In we Will go! there is no multistage system of rates - the percent depends only on a category of credit ( mini to the salary and for urgent needs ) Term of a loan and presence at the client of the insurance.

experts believe that to bank we Will go! it will be difficult to develop further. Now in the company 900 advisers work: giving out on eight credits in day, they for a month can approve a maximum of 172,8 thousand loans. And skoringovaja bank system HKF approves on 400 thousand credits a month, processing on 700 thousand demands. To come nearer to volumes HKF of bank, we Will go! it is necessary to increase staff of advisers in 2,3 times. According to the vice-president the credit Renaissance Ekaterinas Reznikovoj, for mass crediting technology we Will go! too zatratna because the qualified advisers stand much. Skoringovaja the system demands considerable initial investments ($5 - 10 million), but is cheap in the further operation - it needs to be recustomized only periodically.

Our model is more expensive skoringovoj, but it is much more effective from the point of view of management of risks - parries Stolpovsky. The bank occupies 70 - e a place in Russia on net profit. On profitability of own capital (an important indicator of efficiency) we Will go! is on the sixth place, from retail banks above it is necessary TKS - bank. So, seemingly, this round of the girl against classics of a bank genre all - taki have won.