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the Luxury is not eternal values, and time and freedom

It is considered that the luxury concerns something eternal. Often, when we speak about luxury we represent jewelry, private residences or grandiose ancient furniture. Such things can be left to grandsons and great-grandsons. It is usually difficult to people to understand, how the mobile phone which through some years obviously to turn to an out-of-date toy can be the magnificent. However when to me say that the luxury is an eternity, I always have a question: why? What is the luxury today? We buy magnificent dresses which in a year will already cost several times less. We pay huge money to stop at least time in life in magnificent hotel or to eat at magnificent restaurant. Thus understanding that this luxury will not leave about itself any material traces, unless only memoirs, and most likely, will not leave also them. We live in peace, where all firm thaws in air. To me it is ridiculous, when manufacturers of magnificent gadgets try to pretend that their production - something that it is possible to leave to children and grandsons. The luxury has with eternity no anything the general. If to ponder, elements of such relation to it existed and earlier. Remember the Roman emperors who spent huge money for magnificent feasts or were ready to dig artificial lake for the sake of the gladiatorial fight, lasting all some hours. Actually luxury - something opposite eternity. The luxury is not eternal values, and time and freedom.

sometimes the magnificent thing gives to the person add - telnoe time in the most literal sense. For example, the service saving time, at times becomes more important, than many subjects, whose value is rather high in monetary calculation.

psychologically the luxury is also special quality of time. Often ask: What for this or that magnificent bagatelle is necessary to me? my answer: All secret that it is absolutely not necessary to you . Luxury - the necessity direct opposite. This that time on which we as though drop out, let even purely symbolically, of a circle necessary affairs. Time which I spend in the country house to Italy, is only my time, and I not so like to be during such moments on communication so I appreciate possibility to disconnect superfluous channels of communications. And it, probably, the most important thing in luxury definition. Eternal things, such as stars or mountains, we do not perceive as magnificent, after all they have to us no relation. The luxury, on the contrary, concerns us directly. After all this time of our freedom.