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The jahtennyj way

Artem of Small horns has created company Logex with very narrow specialisation — transportation of yachts and boats. Now he tries to make use of the successful experience with yachts in other markets.

to carry yachts overland Small horns of the beginnings in 2005. Till this time of Artem four years worked as the hired manager in sphere of logistics and, at last, has reflected on opening of own business. Re - sewed that its company should have narrow specialisation. at that point in time in the country there was a boom in the market of yachts, here I and was engaged in their transportation - the businessman explains. He has developed a design of the semitrailer which allows to transport vessels to 60 foots in length (hardly more than 18 metres). This - hour per motor car park Logex such six cars.

the first clients of Small horns has found at exhibitions. all logistical companies prefer profile actions, we have made the first the stand at an exhibition of yachts - tells Artem of Small horns. As he said, expenses beat off reception of two - three orders. Transportation of the small yacht on Dews - these manages in the sum about $10 - 15 thousand, and delivery of a vessel from Europe in the European part of Russia - 10 % of cost of the yacht. So, for transportation vessels in cost $400 thousand from Holland the owner will give $40 thousand For comparison: the stage of an automobile waggon on the same direction will manage in $4 thousand Profitability of autotransportations in Russia usually fluctuates within 5 - 7 %, but in a case with negabarit - nymi cargoes it increases to 10 - 15 %.

In business Logex it is a lot of subtleties. At making of a route the carrier should consider height of bridges, electric mains, to calculate, what cargo can sustain a road cloth. Besides, at transportation on roads of Russia of large-sized cargoes (more than four metres) the traffic police patrol should accompany the car. As a result the preparatory period takes away a lot of time. For example, in the beginning of 2011 the company delivered 15 - the metre yacht from Moscow to Vladivostok for three weeks, thus preparation for transportation has occupied six weeks.

crisis has spoilt the company game. In 2005 Logex has transported 200 yachts, in 2006 - m - 350, and in 2008 - already more than 600. But in 2009 of sale of yachts in Russia have fallen to 70 %, accordingly, with - kratilsja and demand for services Logex. Now the market grows, but yet has not reached pre-crisis level - speaks Small horns. The company turn in 2010 - m has made about $4 million For nine months 2011 Logex has transported 400 units of cargoes. Now the businessman actively advances the company as carrier of industrial technics and equipment. to all of us it is equal what to carry - the yacht or the huge machine tool - he explains. Clients have already appeared, among them - agricultural productions, the airports, etc. Thus for advertising of Small horns is not spent: the reputation of a carrier of expensive yachts speaks for itself.

the Company: Logex

Year of the basis: 2005

Specialization: transportation of yachts

the Owner: Artem of Small horns

the Personnel: 12 persons

the Staff - apartment: Tver

Competitors: in Russia work about two tens companies which professionally transport yachts and boats

Problems: crisis has led to sharp reduction of demand

on yachts that was reflected in the market of their transportations